Ownear Inc: The Startup That Helps You Discover Best Products and Services Near You

sakhib-founder ownear inc
In a disruptive e-commerce industry, where every business is struggling to digitize their brands and increase their consumer reach, Ownear stepped in to provide an easy-to-use platform, which helps you create your own business and reach your target customers within a single...

Shibuya: The meteoric rise of a restaurant that believes in serving the best food to its beloved customers

shibuya founder simi_kohli
"There is no love sincerer than the love of food" - George Bernard Shaw Blessed are those who live to eat. Because only a food lover can feel absolute bliss when surrounded by his favorite dishes. In order to...

Primeway P29 Copper Mask: Elevating The Quality Of Public Health Protection One Mask At A Time

primeway_P29 Copper Mask_founder
A year ago, could you have imagined living in a world where wearing a mask would be mandatory every time you'd step out of your house? Thanks to Covid-19, this unimaginable scenario has become our reality. Since the demand for masks has...

Tango : A hyperlocal food delivery app that’s cooking up a storm with its unique features and immaculate services

tango food delivery app
"People who love to eat are always the best people" - Julia Child Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness. Even if one is not a foodie, it's hard to resist the temptation of gorging on mouthwatering dishes.

Dream Traders Consultancy: How a stock trading institute is transforming competent traders out of ordinary dreamers

The world of stocks and shares is as turbulent as its tantalizing. In India almost 95% new traders jump into trading without prior knowledge or experience, thinking that Stock Market is a quick rich scheme and lose all their hard-earned money in...

UpcycleLuxe: A Promising Platform That Is Transforming The Face Of Sustainable Fashion In India

upcycle luxe
Sustainable fashion in India is in its nascent stage and vastly comprises of unorganized sector. Consumers here have a high purchasing affinity (87%)* but lack of awareness of sustainable brands (83%)*. The sustainable products don’t mention the impact contribution. Also, the products...

Talerang is offering customized career training with an aim to make graduates future-ready

talerang career councling
Established in 2013 by Shveta Raina, Talerang offers training to students and professionals with one motive, making a word-ready India. It expects to upskill 20 million students in 2020.  India Skills Report said just 46.21 percent of graduates were...

High On Design Juels: A fashion jewelry startup that is creating a stir with its gorgeous designs and breathtaking craftsmanship

High On Design Juels
Our ancient history is laden with significant references to exquisite jewels and precious stones being used as fashion statements. The art of dressing up wouldn't have been half as fun and exciting if not for those pretty, eye-catching jewelry in varied forms...

Dhyana: How a biomedical R&D venture came up with a unique technological solution for efficiently tracking your meditation

Smart Dhyana meditation
Several technological solutions have emerged in the market that have bowled us over with their innovative concept and astounding finesse. One such ground-breaking device that has revolutionized meditation and mindfulness is Dhyana, an immersive, new-age app that guides you through intense meditation...

Lavana Art : A digital art gallery that is raising awareness about art and artists and giving them a platform to succeed

lavana art
"The principle of true art is not to portray, but to evoke."  - Jerzy Kosinski Without art, life would be meaningless. Art makes us fall in love with life. Our feelings and thoughts would lay buried under a heavy cloak...