Decor4Serenity: From A Banker To An Entrepreneur – The Inspiring Journey Of Aditi Jain

Decor4Serenity, founded by Aditi Jain, stands as a remarkable testament to the power of following one’s passion in life. Transitioning from a secure and well-paying career as an ex-banker and a CA to fully embracing her love for art and handcrafted items posed a significant challenge for Aditi. However, she confidently embraced the journey, determined to create beauty and art in her own unique way.

In the face of initial obstacles, including the challenge of effectively utilizing Instagram as a marketing platform and balancing the demands of managing the business with caring for her 1.5-year-old daughter, Aditi demonstrated unwavering resilience. With incredible talent and unwavering dedication, she nurtured Decor4Serenity into an exceptional art portal, earning the trust of clients for its creative and vibrant offerings.

Aditi says, “Yes, sometimes it is just hard to imagine that someone who is used to dealing in practical things like numbers and transactions, can create things of art and beauty.”

Specializing in a captivating array of handmade home décor items, Decor4Serenity places a primary focus on Kids’ Room Décor, where each meticulously crafted piece reflects the essence of artistry and craftsmanship.

Only the very best professionally designed décor and gift items…

At Decor4Serenity, personalization is at the heart of every product. If you desire custom creations, Aditi is ever-ready to deliver based on your preferences, whether it’s size, theme, or color combinations that harmonize seamlessly with your home.

Among the bestsellers is the enchanting Rainbow Wall Hanging for Kids, adorned with their name, a delightful set of butterflies or stars, and your choice of a wooden shelf or hanger. In addition to these imaginative wall hangings, on offer are a captivating array of Name Plates, Car Mirror Charms, Door Knob Hangings, Cabinet Knob Hangings, and much more. Each piece is meticulously crafted using premium materials and a thoughtfully curated color combination, perfect for creating an enchanting ambiance in any child’s room.

Beyond children’s rooms, Decor4Serenity also enriches living spaces with its Hanging Macrame T-light Jars, Elegant Wooden Lampshades, Macrame Bell Curtain Tiebacks, Macrame Mirror Wall Hangings, Macrame Tapestry, and Macrame Wind Chimes. Each piece is crafted with finesse and soothing colors, promising to elevate the aesthetics of every living space. These masterpieces also make thoughtful and cherished gifts for your loved ones.

Come discover the art of harmonizing your spaces with elements that exude tranquillity and beauty.

Online plus Offline – the ambition is to create a presence that connects with customers everywhere

Driving the business ahead through myriad challenges, Aditi has made impressive strides in curating and fulfilling over 500 customer orders pan India. This accomplishment has been further boosted by a substantial surge in followers and an expanded reach, reaffirming the growing confidence in the brand and its truly artistic offerings. What is also happening consistently is that there is a noteworthy increase in the number of repeat orders, which just goes to reinforce the strong loyalty the brand enjoys among a number of satisfied customers.                   

To keep the brand offerings fresh and exciting, Aditi keeps exploring innovative ways to create delightful interpretations of design and materials, so that returning visitors get to see new products. To cater to the growing customer base and offer a first-hand experience, Aditi is now also seriously contemplating setting up a dedicated workshop and showroom to create an immersive space for customers to engage directly with the brand.

Commenting on the community development she is doing Aditi shared, “Please help me in fulfilling my dream of providing full-time employment to 20 women who are jobless or work as house-helps and help them in achieving their financial freedom with dignity.”

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