Yay Groovy Prints – All your Printing, Branding and Gifting needs fulfilled under one roof.

Yay Groovy Prints
The story of Yay Groovy Prints is truly inspirational. It is about a young woman entrepreneur, Jahanvi Kagathara, who made a bold decision at the age of just 19, to plunge head-on into the very nascent printables business in India, after her...

La Di Da Desserts – This Patisserie will take you down memory lane with its tasteful and rich desserts.

La Di Da Desserts
The lockdown saw the baking business booming. Home bakers were baking stuff and posting on social media in heaps. This trend was noticed by Tejas Ajmera - founder La Di Da Desserts - who wanted to start a café. What he realized...

Pranika Creations – Making Art into a beautiful Business!

Pranika Creations
In the recent pandemic there were two things that people got to explore a lot. Cooking and Art!  There was plenty of time on hand and a lot of things to experiment with. This gave rise to solo entrepreneurs, who now found...

Cananor Guild: Bringing Bespoke Handloom Textiles To Your Doorstep

Cananor Guild
Growing up, we have heard about the immaculate craftsmanship of the Indian handloom and textile industry. Sadly, we have also heard the increasing decline in this industry in its country of origin owing to mass produced machine products. Manjul Jayakumar and Vandhana...

Love me Knots – Caught up in knots of imagination, with their handmade macramé collection.

Love me Knots
A business enterprise created and successfully developed by the daughter, after learning the art of macramé from her mother – this sums up what Love me Knots is all about. It is also about creating a very unique identity for oneself, by...

June Studio: Traditional artwork revived with a modern touch with handcrafted home decor, ceramics, art, jesmonite.

June Studio
"The aim of art is not to represent the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance. " ~ Aristotle Life without art would be as lifeless as a body without its soul. Art gives flight to our imagination...

The Inside Project – This interior design studio is offering its own line of sustainable furniture and home décor that vibes with your home as well as the environment.

The Inside Project
It is not often that we find someone passionate about design, the environment as well the livelihood of talented yet marginalized artisans. The Inside Project however, has incredibly managed to combine all these 3 facets into a profitable business model. Operating from...

The Indus Valley – A tiny accident, and the idea of natural kitchenware got sparked…

The Indus Valley
Success stories often begin in the most unlikely of places. Imagine, what is today a multi-crore business enterprise, being born due to an unfortunate accident in a kitchen! Two elements plastic cookware and the microwave being the main instigators.

Blu Essentials – Looking beautiful was never so easy!

Blu Essentials
The pandemic created a whole new trend of Do It Yourself beauty experiments. People rediscovered “grandmother’s formula” or experimented with “self-created” beauty mixes sourced from the myriad of DIY videos floating around in cyberspace. Some formulas worked and some, of course, were...

Skoodo: With 20k+ happy customers in just 2 years, this footwear brand is on a mission to provide functional and fashionable footwear for kids.

From living a carefree life full of play and abandon, most of us transition into adulthood with aches and pains and the joy of play sucked out of our lives. As parents we do everything in our power to protect our kids...



HiCare – With more than 1 million happy customers, this Digital...

With the increase in global warming and other environmental factors influencing the weather around us, we are more prone to changes in...