ESCAKES PATISSERIE – A world of delightful desserts hand crafted and customized, to transform moments into deliciously sweet memories

Life often unfolds unexpected chapters, revealing hidden talents and reigniting dormant passions. For Saryu, this revelation came when her son left for Canada in 2020, leaving her with a void in life that she sought to fill. Choosing to explore a long-held passion for baking, she embarked on a journey into the world of desserts and fondant art, armed with her certification in Baking and Pastry Arts from CAPA.

However, the initial steps like those of many home baking ventures, posed challenges, particularly in reaching and captivating a willing audience of customers. Undeterred, Saryu realized the need to sharpen her marketing skills and connected with local ladies’ clubs, where she not only found valuable support but also fine-tuned her baking skills.

Soon, ESCAKES PATISSERIE emerged as a comfortable and vibrant space where Saryu breathed life into her dreams. The brand’s distinctive nomenclature, a fusion of “Es” from Saryu and “K” from Khanna, epitomizes her unique identity and unwavering commitment to crafting something extraordinary. Boldly experiment with flavors, shapes and designs Saryu began to get noticed for her ability to customize a variety of cakes and also for her commitment to deliver on time. What commenced as a personal odyssey swiftly gained momentum with each delectable creation, transforming Saryu’s home bakery into a very popular and successful local enterprise.

There’s just sweet temptation everywhere

For every noteworthy occasion – be it a birthday bash, a joyous celebration, a festive gathering, or a lively party – let the star of the show be a bespoke creation from ESCAKES PATISSERIE. With Saryu’s flair for customization and an array of delightful flavors, each cake, regardless of its size, transforms the moment into a sweet memory.

Unveil the layers of the divine Chocolate Fudge Cake, each bite a masterpiece of soft delight, or celebrate with the rich Cassata Cake.

For fruit enthusiasts, the luscious Strawberry Cake and delightful Chocolate Truffle Cake with blueberries promise a taste of heaven. Spark joy with captivating Theme Cakes, from superhero spectacles to adorable Paw Patrol-themed creations, ensuring smiles all around.

Discover artistic allure with Truffle Cakes shaped like handbags or opt for visual appeal and scrumptiousness with Rice Paper and Butterfly Cakes. BENTO CAKES offer the perfect blend of art and taste, while Multi-Tiered Wedding Cakes create a sweet symphony for special occasions.

Embrace the festive spirit with Festive Time Cakes, and savor the grandeur of the Triple-Decker Cake, where each layer narrates a unique flavor tale. The Cake Platter, offering three delightful flavors in one ensemble, caters to those seeking variety. Make memories timeless with Edible Photo Cakes, capturing special moments in delectable masterpieces.

ESCAKES PATISSERIE, under the creative genius of Saryu, ensures that every cake is a work of art, designed to make your celebrations extraordinary. Join the journey of flavor and creativity at ESCAKES PATISSERIE, where baking becomes an art form.

Delivering sweetness on a journey of flavors and fame!

Embarking on a sweet journey on Valentine’s Day in 2020, Saryu brought her dream to life with ESCAKES PATISSERIE. Armed with the necessities like spatulas, whisks, pots, and a generous sprinkling of passion and creativity, she transformed her kitchen into a haven of delicious creations.

Starting small, Saryu’s home bakery quickly became a local sensation, earning accolades from her community and beyond. Today her enterprise isn’t just a bakery; it’s a memory-maker. Saryu’s cakes and pastries aren’t just baked; they’re crafted with love and irresistible taste.

Saryu’s secret ingredient? Her commitment to her mission. She wants to be famous, acknowledged, and turn her baking venture into a thriving success. Having already delighted over 300 customers across India, she’s not just baking; she’s building a brand.

Looking ahead, Saryu is working towards building her own designer cake studio, a place where sweet dreams become delicious realities. The story of ESCAKES PATISSERIE is not just about baking; it’s about passion, dreams, and the sweet taste of success.

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