PRE’S CLIPPIN BOWS – Crafting Unique Fashion Accessories with a Touch of Charm and Elegance.

A hobby can be a talent, which if marketed smartly can become a professional calling. This is what Prerna discovered to her pleasant surprise. With 15 years of experience in the education sector, a great passion for art and a knack for mastering unique forms like pointillism and stippling, Prerna decided to turn her artistic hobby into something special.

As a mom to a 9-year-old girl, Prerna was always experimenting with fancy creations for her daughter. She is a very creative person and carries love for art. She has explored couple of art forms and has tried her hands on Embroidery, Knitting, Zentangle Art, Stippling/ Pointilism, Pencil Sketching, Photography, etc.

Her immense love for kids and the positive responses from friends and family sparked an idea – why not share these creations with a broader audience? Soon PRE’S CLIPPIN BOWS became the business banner where Prerna’s artistic talents truly shone.

So what’s so unique about her creations? The magic lies in the exclusive and elaborate ribbon folds, a feature that sets her bows apart. Each intricate fold is thoughtfully designed and adorned with a combination of materials and embellishments, creating a product that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

PRE’S CLIPPIN BOWS is a beautiful celebration of creativity, uniqueness, and the joy of making every day fashion accessories a bit more special for every customer.

There’s something so different and so attractive about every creation

Embark on a charming journey with PRE’S CLIPPIN BOWS, where Prerna transforms ribbons into exquisite folds, creating signature bows that captivate hearts globally. Clients worldwide cherish the uniqueness, often noting their rarity and higher costs in their own countries. Surprisingly, for international clients, these bows are a reasonably priced treasure.

In India, Prerna caters to her clients with an exclusive range, focusing on competitive pricing without compromising on the premium quality. Each product launch unveils a narrative filled with trials, errors, and the creative dedication that goes into perfecting every design.

The Pigtail Bow steals the limelight, becoming a cherished bestseller with its charm. Classic pieces like embroidered Earrings add a touch of timeless elegance to the collection. The versatile Key Fobs serve not only as key holders but also as chic Bag Charms and trendy Wrist key accessories.

The vibrant array of Earrings introduces a burst of colors, while Net Fabric bows bring a delightful rainbow touch. Soft bands and irresistibly cute Candy Bows cater to the little ones, adding sweetness to the collection. For a touch of sophistication, the Classy and Elegant Maroon Bows adorned with stones and Copper lace stand out.

Adding a playful twist to the narrative, bows featuring unicorns, ice cream cones, rainbows, cupcakes, and more capture hearts. Hair ties and hoops bring drama to the story, enhancing high buns or low ponies. Smart bow ties contribute a dapper touch for young gentlemen.

For a personalized touch to your special festive occasions or celebrations, Prerna is thrilled to craft something truly unique that complements your chosen outfit. Step into the enchanting world of PRE’S Clippin Bows, where each accessory plays a unique role, and every character tells a tale of style, creativity, and a touch of magic.  Reach out on WhatsApp at +91 – 7499785978 to connect!

A journey of simplicity, elegance, and a touch of fashion

Prerna, the creative force behind PRE’S CLIPPIN BOWS, made that leap of faith into the world of fashion bows, in her fabulous forties. With a degree in Fashion Design and armed with an initial investment of INR 10,000, she set her venture in motion on January 15, 2022, right after the challenges of the COVID era.

Prerna faced the task of reaching out to clients in the virtual landscape, considering the restrictions in physical platforms. Securing spaces like exhibitions, shops, or collaborations with big brands posed its own set of challenges. Navigating smartly through the digital landscape, with her background in PR and marketing Prerna nurtured PRE’S CLIPPIN BOWS. Starting as a homemade business, it quickly captured the imagination of over 1000 customers.

Prerna dreams big, aspiring to see her brand alongside major fashion players and carve its own unique space not just in the market, but also in the hearts of its customers.

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