Laffeyett Craft House– Into DIY Crafts? We’ve found a piece of paradise for you.

Who said success stories are written only in big towns? Small towns too have entrepreneurs that have big dreams and the courage to make them come true! Laffeyett Craft House founded by Dilna Fumzi, a 21 year old women entrepreneur, is one...

Merakii Gifts: This one of a kind, personalized hamper and décor service truly brings out the joy of gifting

Merakii Gifts
Gifting is part of the Indian culture, integrated into our heritage and social customs. Since India is a land of many occasions, it is natural for our society to give and receive gifts for every occasion. Creative packaging, personalized notes, boxes with...

Hózhó Dreamcatchers: Meet this entrepreneur who has channeled her creativity and expertise towards leaving an impact on society and serving a cause close to her heart.

Hózhó Dreamcatchers
Imagine living a life where you are able to use your talent and creativity to fulfill a bigger purpose that far outweighs the realm of commercial success. What if I tell you that even in the dog-eat-dog world of entrepreneurship, there exists...

Homes by Kikkli: Carefully crafted antique and modern ceramic crockery that adds a touch of class and creativity to your upcoming soirees!

Homes by Kikkli
What started out purely as a hobby, soon turned into a creative pursuit and profession for Anamika Garg, the founder of Homes by Kikkli. At first, she was just enthusiastic to create handmade products out of clay but the excellent feedback she...

Beyond Inks: A business venture where just like art, excellence was discovered by looking beyond the obvious.

Beyond Inks
The story of Beyond Inks is very much like the proverbial “Art Imitates Life” scenario. Just like in Art where a search for a missing element leads to a new creation or discovery, Beyond Inks too was born out of a search.

Pranika Creations – Making Art into a beautiful Business!

Pranika Creations
In the recent pandemic there were two things that people got to explore a lot. Cooking and Art!  There was plenty of time on hand and a lot of things to experiment with. This gave rise to solo entrepreneurs, who now found...

Craftie Nouzie: Offering a wide range of customized handmade gifts, thus ensuring that your experience of gifting is as memorable as it’s hassle-free.

Craftie Nouzie
When words fail, gifts do the talking. Gifts are a manifestation of a myriad of feelings - love, affection, respect or simply gratitude. As noted celebrity doctor Andrew Weil says "Giving gifts to others is a fundamental activity, as old as humanity...

Nature’s Goodness Unlocked with Rakhi Pikle’s skincare and soapmaking workshops

Rakhi Pikle
Most of us look at health in terms of a balanced diet and regular exercise. Of course these things are very important, but what about the products we are using on our bodies? Our skin is our largest organ and will absorb...

Sunanda’s Creations: This brand makes Home Décor products out of waste, taking creativity to the next level.

Sunanda’s Creations
The lockdown has surely proved to be an incubator for startups as it has spawned numerous businesses. From professionals to students, housewives to graduates, everyone has been inspired to dip their toes in the waters of entrepreneurship. All you need is a...

The Creative Lust – Resin Art as Individual as a Customer’s Imagination

The Creative Lust
When Sonali Singh Rao, Founder of The Creative Lust started out in 2018, it was merely an extension of her hobby Resin Art. She was more intent on nurturing her hobby and had no firm intention or an idea of translating this...