Kachcha Aam: Adding Zest to Home Décor with Sustainable Flair

Home decor enthusiasts constantly seek distinctive, personalized touches to elevate their living spaces. Amidst the myriad of options available, Kachcha Aam by Priya Jain emerges as a beacon of creativity and sustainability. Established in September 2020, this brand offers eco-friendly, recycled, and quirky customized products, catering to diverse tastes while advocating for women’s empowerment and sustainable living.

Unpacking Creativity: Crafting Quirky Spaces

In the vibrant realm of home decor, Kachcha Aam, much like its namesake raw mango, adds a tangy twist to the industry. Priya Jain, the visionary founder, embarked on this journey fueled by her ardent passion for customizations in home decor. Having explored the textile industry closely and navigated through various job roles, Priya was discontented with the limitations of conventional approaches. She fervently believed in the necessity of out-of-the-box options for decorating homes, adhering to the belief that no two homes should mirror each other. Thus, Kachcha Aam was born in July 2020, marking a departure from the mundane and embracing a philosophy of uniqueness.

The Pickle of Inspiration: Symbolism in a Name


The brand’s name, Kachcha Aam, might seemingly evoke images of the beloved raw mango. However, it signifies far more than its literal interpretation. Much akin to how pickles impart an additional flavor to meals, this brand endeavors to enrich homes and lives. The choice of ‘Kachcha Aam’ pays homage to our cultural heritage, bridging the gap between women’s intrinsic desire to add that extra spice to life. Kachcha Aam encapsulates versatility, akin to the diverse collections it curates – blending bohemian, quirky, and timeless pieces that seamlessly integrate into any decor style, preserving individuality within spaces.

Empowering Decor, Empowering Women: Mission & Vision

Kachcha Aam’s mission transcends the conventional pursuit of business objectives. Primarily, it serves as a haven for personalized decor solutions, aligning with and celebrating customer preferences. Secondly, it champions the cause of women’s empowerment, extending support to artisans and underprivileged women, enabling them to attain financial independence through their craft. Thirdly, the brand ardently advocates for eco-conscious living, promoting the utilization of recyclable products to minimize environmental impact. Lastly, every purchase contributes to feeding stray animals, fostering a compassionate ecosystem where each transaction reverberates beyond the confines of a home, leaving an indelible impact on society and the environment.

Harmonizing Homes, Enriching Lives: A Vision Beyond Decor

With an impressive footprint serving approximately 1000 customers across India, Kachcha Aam envisions a future where offline stores dot the nation’s landscape. Priya Jain’s aspiration to expand offline signifies a deeper connection with customers, ensuring the brand’s unique touch is accessible far and wide. Kachcha Aam isn’t merely about embellishing spaces; it’s a movement toward inclusive, sustainable decor, where every purchase resonates beyond the confines of a home, leaving an enduring impact on society and the environment. The brand’s commitment to individuality, sustainability, and empowerment underscores a vision that transcends the mere aesthetics of home decor, aiming to forge a more meaningful and impactful connection between spaces, people, and the world around us.

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