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Have you ever tried your hand at art, only to find yourself frustrated by either the process or a shortage of proper supplies? For those who have embarked on the journey of creating art, it can be marked by both moments of joy and challenges. This is where ThreadShop steps in. Founded in December 2018 by Zeenath Ibrahim and Muhammed Riyas, ThreadShop represents a dream-come-true for people who are looking for high-quality craft supplies at reasonable prices.

If you are planning to take up embroidery, crochet making, knitting or fabric art, trust ThreadShop to make your learning process much easier. The brand aims to empower individuals to unleash their creativity and express themselves through the finest quality materials and unparalleled customer experiences. The vision for Threadshop is to be the industry leader in providing a diverse array of crafting materials and resources, catering to the needs of artisans worldwide.

Crafting an entrepreneurial dream

The journey began with a humble shop catering to tailoring materials. However, during the lockdown, Zeenath and Riyas identified a growing demand for handwork embroidery supplies. Taking a leap of faith, they ventured into online orders for these supplies and quickly recognized the untapped potential within the fiber arts community. Witnessing the enthusiasm and need among both businesses and hobby crafters alike, the idea of a centralized platform catering exclusively to their requirements emerged.

Last year, they launched a brand, Zuchi, with a mission to provide premium and unique products tailored specifically to our customers’ needs. This transition from a traditional shop to an online platform was driven by their strong commitment to serving this niche market with excellence, convenience, and a diverse range of high-quality materials. Riyas says “Our journey reflects our dedication to adaptability, customer satisfaction, and the continuous pursuit of innovation in meeting the evolving needs of our community.”

Everything that you need under one roof 

ThreadShop has emerged as a remarkable one-stop-destination for fiber artists, offering a comprehensive range of craft materials. From embroidery threads to specialty fabrics, ThreadShop boasts of an exquisite collection of embroidery hoops, mini hoops, and elegant pendants. Renowned embroidery floss in diverse colors and the finest embroidery fabrics sourced from different corners of globe await artistic souls. 

Zeenath adds “Our commitment to curating high-quality supplies ensures that artisans can find everything they need in one convenient place, setting us apart as the premier choice for enthusiasts and professionals alike.”

ThreadShop’s robust online presence eliminates the hassle of offline sourcing for fiber artists by providing a convenient one-stop shop for premium craft materials. Unlike generic online marketplaces, it exclusively caters to fiber artists, minimizing distractions and ensuring a focused shopping experience. This shift to online sourcing saves time, offers a wider selection, and enhances the overall creative process for artisans.

Elevate your crochet game with ThreadShop’s Crochet hook roll made from durable cotton fabric and comes in beautiful printed colors. Check out its superior 6-strand, extra long staple embroidery thread that’s ideal for a wide range of embroidery techniques, such as cross stitch, canvas work, freestyle embroidery and many more. Whether it’s the baby soft yarn, printed t-shirt yarns, pretty needle books, colorful array of rayon cones, Earthy punch needle set, or embroidery pattern mini book – here you’ll find a treasure trove of creativity. 

Five years down the line 

Having served more than 10k customers so far and with a projected growth rate of 60% this year, ThreadShop is crafting a success story like no other. In the next five years, the founders aspire to expand ThreadShop beyond India, reaching customers across the globe with its premium and unique products. Additionally, the aim is to achieve unicorn status, symbolizing the brand’s commitment to innovation, growth, and leadership in the industry.

Furthermore, the plan to continue expanding their brand, Zuchi, is also on the cards. Zeenath explains “With the catchy tagline “Stitch Your Imagination,”, Zuchi reinforces our dedication to providing customers with exceptional crafting experiences and products that inspire creativity. Through strategic initiatives, partnerships, and a relentless focus on customer satisfaction, we are poised to realize our goals and establish ourselves as a prominent player in the global marketplace.”

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