Vit n Rich: A brand that offers a rich palette of healthier and tastier chocolate delights to satiate the chocolate-lover in you.

"Chocolate is comfort without words." ~ Ursula Kohaupt It's hard to imagine life without chocolates. Made from cocoa beans, these sweet, gooey and delightful delicacies are considered to be instant energy boosters and mood uplifters. The 'feel-good' factor associated...

Warbler – An enterprise totally dipped in curating and marketing the very best of tea blends from the mystical land of Assam…

On the rolling plains by the Brahmaputra River in Assam are acres of tea estates, flush with tea leaves offering a truly rich taste, thanks to the rich soil, conducive climate and plenty of rainfall. 

Have A Sweet Tooth?- The Lil Whisk Is The Right Choice for all the Sweet-aholics!

The first lockdown phase in 2020 during Covid -19 pandemic had not only hit economies but mental health too. The social distancing had put families & neighbourhoods in isolation. In that very year what brought beaming smiles...

WeMixx – Experience “Woh Ghar Wali Feeling” abroad, with ready to mix spices, breakfast blends and mid meal snacks that will add a rich soulful Indian taste to your...

When Priya Singhal enrolled at NYU in 2012, she was all by herself for the very first time. A distant land and different food meant those homemade food cravings hit really hard. Walking through long food aisles hunting for...

Terosso Truffles – On a delicious mission to tease your palate by bringing all things Truffle to India.

Terosso Truffles
Truffles are high luxury food items on the menu of ultra-exclusive restaurants and food connoisseurs. Travel and food buffs, Forum & Kritaesh Kapadia who absolutely loved truffles found the COVID 19 global travel lockdown hamper this indulgence. So now what?

La Di Da Desserts – This Patisserie will take you down memory lane with its tasteful and rich desserts.

La Di Da Desserts
The lockdown saw the baking business booming. Home bakers were baking stuff and posting on social media in heaps. This trend was noticed by Tejas Ajmera - founder La Di Da Desserts - who wanted to start a café. What he realized...

Ghar se Khana: This platform is here to satisfy your cravings for delicious home-cooked meals, with wide range of dishes prepared by experienced home chefs.

Ghar se Khana
The Covid Pandemic saw many home cooks turn entrepreneurs, as they started catering to people in the lockdown with fresh Homemade meals. Sensing an appetizing opportunity Narendra- Founder and Sreekanth -CoFounder, approached home cooks who had adequate infrastructure and fit other criteria...

Purveitaa Kapadia: This farming enterprise is following the highest ethical and environmental standards to produce chemical free food that is both healthy and affordable.

Purveitaa Kapadia
From an IT professional who chucked it all away and started an experiment in Terrace Farming with guidance of a group “Urban Leave”, to one of the leading voices in the organic farming Purveitaa Kapadia has come a long away. The challenge...

UNIKHERB: A brand offering Agro and Herbal Nutrition products, so that you consume what is best for your body and mind

"Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments. " ~ Bethenny Frankel The food you eat has a great bearing on your body, mind, mood and overall quality of life. Especially at a time when...

Halwa Craft: Looking for a healthy dessert option? Check out this premium handcrafted halwa brand that you can enjoy guilt free.

Halwa Craft
The perfect end to any meal is always some form of a sweet dish. In a country like India where every region boasts of a different cuisine, there are innumerable sweet dishes to choose from. Whether young or old, most people look...



8 Tips That Can Make Or Break Your Start-up

1. Take risks and be willing to failFailure doesn’t preclude you from ultimately succeeding – in fact, it’s often a necessary step....