STORIES NUTS & BERRIES – The flavorsome tale of a husband-wife duo with a passion for a healthy lifestyle!


A professional lawyer can surely make a strong case for a healthy lifestyle and Shriya Runwal got a winning verdict for it. After a little more than 3 years of a successful legal practice, post her marriage, Shriya decided to partner with her husband Akshat Runwal in their 3 generations old dry fruits business. Why not add some tangy zing to it was the thought?


Dealing in dry fruits is not just any business. It requires a good network of sources from where the best and most authentic things can be purchased.  

While building the company Stories – Nuts and Berries from ground up, Akshat’s experience in marketing played a major role. According to Akshat, “The gap that we intend to step into, is the nutritional gap made by unhealthy food choices while needing to snack.”  The products ranges from flavored dry fruits to nuts, berries, seeds, trail mixes and puffed snacks.  

Combination and taste to drive you nuts and deliver nutrition too!

Nuts and Berries

People all over are moving towards a healthy life style by choice and food is an important factor in that choice. There are people looking for food that excites the palette and also gives them their much needed nutrition. Having known the high nutrition values that nuts and berries can deliver the company came up with an exciting combination of spices infused berries, nuts, seeds, and snacks to create a wholesome tray of guilt free healthy snacks. Today, the company offers exquisitely flavored almonds, cashews and raisins and also dried fruits like guava, prunes, blueberry and sliced cranberry naturally flavored or with a burst of tangy spices. And if you want more fun, there’s a whole set of jars of super food waiting – Healthy Nut Mix, Berry Blast, Thai Chilli Blend, Anti-oxidant mix, Seven Seeds, and many more! 

Another truly healthy snacking option is the variety of puffs made of Oats, Jowar, Ragi, Chickpea Quinoa! In these you will discover tangy tomatoes, smoked chilli, cheese and herbs and a host of other exciting flavors simply waiting to delight your pallet!

OK you want to gift them to someone you love? Sure gift pack combos are available too!

Nuts and Berries

So there’s no excuse really to not indulge in these healthy, high on nutrition snacks! The company has serviced 40,000 orders to date. Isn’t that just amazing!

Introducing the masses to an enticing and healthy snacking habit. Berry exciting times ahead…

Nuts and Berries

“As promoters we are nurturing this company with a clear vision. With genuine scientific information on nutritional values of every product and strategic marketing, we are bringing about a new awareness and acceptance for a different, yet highly nutritional lifestyle snack,” said Shriya.

Nuts and Berries

With a product portfolio that is now bursting with the goodness of amazing flavors, the company aspires to be present and easily available across leading online ecommerce portals, large format food retail stores as well as niche stores, in high density footfall catchments.

Reaching out to many as many as possible and delivering crunchy nutrition – that in a nutshell is the gameplan for the future! Click here or and stock up now!

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