House Of Webhin: Traditional Bags With A Contemporary Touch

“When I want to treat myself, I will almost always get myself a new handbag.” ~ Coco Chanel

Bags are every woman’s best friend, savor, fashion ally, and of course, a keeper of their secrets. As the most popular and most visible fashion accessory, bags can make and break our style quotient with relative ease. They are a reflection of who we are and where we belong in terms of social/financial stature and fashion choices. Due to their overpowering influence, the market is inundated with bags of all shapes and sizes.

Launched on 1st August, 2017 by two CS aspirants Richa Sharma and Sandish Jain, House Of Webhin is a much sought-after brand that seamlessly merges traditional designs with modern aesthetics to create unique and unconventional bags for women.

From finance to fashion, it’s been quite a journey

Though Richa and Sandish hailed from finance backgrounds, they never quite hesitated to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey in the realm of fashion and glamor. What propelled this shift in career was a genuine dissatisfaction with the job they were doing. Sandish initially set up a brand named Webbin for selling replicas of bags on online shopping portals like Flipkart and Amazon. But soon he realized it wasn’t something he wanted to do in the long run.

It was then that he joined hands with college buddy Richa to establish House Of Webhin. Richa was immensely fond of handicrafts and understood their significance in the context of art and culture. The duo began sourcing handmade bags from local artisans. Richa adds “Earlier we had to source the frames from India but now we get them from China.” Apart from that, a small portion of the profit goes into feeding and nursing stray dogs. In fact, they feed around 80 dogs in their area.

Traditional bags with a contemporary touch

House Of Webhin offers a wide range of handcrafted bags that includes stunning clutches, potlis, batuas and bridal trousseau boxes. The brand collaborates with talented artisans from Bareiley to come up with bags for all reasons and seasons. They are all handmade by some of the most gifted artisans whose passion and craftsmanship lends a unique charm to each of the products.

The brand name too is unique and in sync with the tag line which says “We are stylishly different.” In fact, you would rarely come across any two bags that are similar in design, artistry and overall appeal. The startup aims to provide a platform for unknown artisans to showcase their skills to the world. Richa explains “They don’t often get the support and encouragement they deserve. Ours is a humble attempt to highlight their work and bring them into the limelight. They stay at our workshops and get all kinds of support to create bags that embody craftsmanship and opulence in their truest forms”.Don’t miss the quirky digitally printed clutches, resin clutches embellished with thread work and stones or multicolored floral clutches suitable for both Indian and western outfits. Take a look at those lovely potlis crafted using micro pearls and multicolored stones or net potli bags in pastel colors. You can opt for customized name clutches that are crafted on a velvet base and adorned with kundan work. The colors too can be customized.

Talking about the present & future

This B2B and B2C startup is currently shipping to more than 25 countries. It has already made a lasting impression with its gorgeous collection of clutches and potlis. The products have been appreciated and embraced by many celebrities and influencers.

When asked about future plans, Richa points out “We want to expand the brand by opening stores in every metro city of India. If we can encourage people to choose handcrafted bags over the leather ones, then nothing like it.” While the startup is showcasing its latest collection at prominent exhibitions, it’s creating a road map to open a store in Delhi quite soon.

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