BRAIN FACTORY – Creating fun, engaging, and safe wooden toys that promote learning and enhance early brain development in children.

In today’s technologically driven era, it’s not just parents who find themselves drawn to screens. It’s becoming evident that many young children are becoming overly stimulated and, in some cases, addicted to the allure of screens.

BRAIN FACTORY, a vibrant and forward-thinking educational startup based in Kozhikode, was set up to address this important modern-day issue. Jidu, the company’s creative founder, saw the need to build something innovative, meaningful, and constructive to counteract the detrimental effects of screen usage on young minds.

Jidu created an exclusive collection of unique and imaginatively crafted wooden toys in collaboration with a team of outstanding artisans from Karnataka. These are not only fun and engaging, but also provide children with a hands-on, tactile experience that encourages learning and creativity, fostering their cognitive, social, and emotional growth. In a technologically overloaded world, this is a pleasant respite for young minds to thrive and develop.

“Childhood is so special and we believe all Brain Factory products will help children to explore their inner world and in turn also help parents bring out every child’s full potential,” mentions Jidu.

Because the changing times demands smart solutions for growing children to learn through play

BRAIN FACTORY’s range of toys serves as a delightful bridge between entertainment and education. These toys are carefully designed to foster a child’s cognitive development and skills, including critical and creative thinking, color recognition, hand-eye coordination, cause-and-effect understanding, problem-solving abilities, goal-setting skills, shape recognition, and more.

The product repertoire reveals a collection that is not only engaging, but also 100% sustainable and safe for children. The offerings include Neem Wood Rattle Teethers shaped like adorable owls and bears, stacking toys featuring playful characters like bunnies, giraffes, and rainbows, all of which promote imaginative play, hand-eye coordination, and color recognition. Additionally, there’s an interactive shape sorting set, as well as exciting Fire Trucks and Police Cars to inspire children’s heroic adventures.

Every toy is instrumental in activities such as construction play, imaginative role-play, exploration of the natural world, puzzle-solving, and more.

What’s noteworthy is that every BRAIN FACTORY product proudly bears the “Made in India” tag, reflecting the brand’s commitment to supporting local craftsmanship and the economy. Furthermore, the toys are crafted with a smooth finish, free of sharp edges, and designed with ergonomic considerations, making them not just entertaining but also safe and comfortable for kids to enjoy.

“A safe but sturdy toy which can provide entertainment and education for children. Will last for years and can be kept clean with just a rub over now and then. Would recommend it as a first toy.” Shared a satisfied parent.

Making ‘play’ the focus of business growth

For BRAIN FACTORY, “play” stands as the driving force propelling every initiative and product within its repertoire. As the brand embarked on its journey, it experienced a consistent and notable expansion of its reach.

Today, the BRAIN FACTORY website,  enjoys a constant flow of online visitors. People come to make purchases, get updates on upcoming product launches, and explore the world of educational toys. Additionally, the brand’s products are readily available on Amazon, Flipkart and other prominent  marketplaces . However, one of the most exciting developments is the growing interest from schools. Many educational institutions are eager to integrate these innovative products into their curriculum, recognizing the value they bring to the learning experience.

Jidu is now charting an exciting path for the brand, envisioning an optimal marketing mix that seamlessly combines both online and offline retail channels. Today, BRAIN FACTORY is, continuously diversifying its product range to stay true to its core values. Each new addition to the product line is a testament to the brand’s dedication to inspiring and enriching the lives of children everywhere.

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