The Art of Table Styling: Inside the Journey of STYLE DE TISCH

Doing something different, something that is often overlooked as a possible and profitable business idea, is what makes an entrepreneur successful.

Exactly what a bright law student Anmol Agrawal and her talented mother Meenu Agrawal did, to start one of India’s premium and popular table styling enterprises – STYLE DE TISCH.

Operating from the vibrant city of Raipur, the enterprise has garnered a stellar reputation, backed by a highly trained and dedicated team. The exquisite aesthetic appeal of its unique designs, tailored specifically for exclusive events held at renowned destinations, is in high demand. The brand is privileged to serve distinguished business families too, providing unforgettable experiences at their notable events.

STYLE DE TISCH embodies the essence of table styling, drawing inspiration from the German word “Tisch” meaning table. With a touch of French flair from the word “de,” it signifies the artistry and elegance in the design of the tables. This unique name reflects our dedication to creating exceptional tablescapes and bringing style to every dining experience.

Redefining the perception of table settings at every event…

At STYLE DE TISCH, the artistic service repertoire encompasses a world of expressive experiences. From opulent-themed dining and captivating console and side table setups to exquisite wedding trousseau and curated gifting, the brand offers a range of luxurious offerings. Our expertise also extends to crockery selection, table styling, and immersive dining etiquette workshops. All creating an irresistible invitation to immerse oneself in the art of refined hospitality.

Step into a world of captivating table themes that evoke the essence of each season. Experience the timeless elegance of ivory or silver sophistication, exuding refined charm. Immerse yourself in the tranquility and beauty of Pichwai art, creating a serene ambiance. Let artful candles with lotus motifs and exquisite centerpieces adorned with sacred cow motifs transform your table into a contemporary masterpiece. Embrace the authentic Indian touch with Madhubani mats and napkin rings, adding a touch of tradition to your dining space.

Be enthralled by our breathtaking peacock-themed table setup, a visual feast that captures the essence of royalty and nobility. Explore the dramatic motifs of the Victorian era through bold sculptural masterpieces, creating an unforgettable dining experience. Transport your guests to a Mughlai Darbar, where love and appreciation are showered upon them amidst a table setup fit for royalty.

Choose from an array of cutwork table setups for any occasion, or embrace the natural allure of a rustic theme. Whatever your preference, let our table settings create a captivating ambiance that leaves a lasting impression. ⁠

“With our commitment to excellence, we continue to be the preferred choice for those seeking exceptional service and impeccable execution with that very personal touch.” Says Anmol.

Growing the business with artistic flair and superior service

STYLE_DE_TISCH has crafted artistic and theme memories around the table for more than 1000 clients, and it has always got rave reviews from the hosts as well as their esteemed guests. It’s been a journey that has involved investing time and effort in marketing the fairly new concept, plus also ensuring that service benchmarks constantly stay above expectations. They have won the ‘Most Innovative Brand of the Year’ in the Golden Glory Awards in June, where the chief guest was Parineeti Chopra.

“We are looking to further expand the market and create innovation in presentation, which translates into sublime dining experiences for everyone.” Says Designer-in-Chief, Meenu Agarwal. 

As a table stylist brand STYLE DE TISCH also holds regular workshops on International Dining Etiquette for Kids and Adults which get quite a good response.

The mother-daughter bond is what is driving the business and both aim to take the enterprise to new dimensions and evolve as a brand that is truly in a class of its own.

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