Oodaii – Creating the softest, comfortable and sustainable bath linen products

The catalyst for meaningful beginnings lies in the compelling combination of determination and a clear vision. While the support of an established brand is undoubtedly beneficial, it is the spark of creative drive that truly sets the stage for remarkable accomplishments.

This drive is what set Vidhya Prem apart, who in June 2022 at the age of 41, embarked on a fresh entrepreneurial journey by joining her husband’s decades’ old family business – Amaravathi Textiles. She named her brand Oodaii, and inspired by her family’s heritage of exceptional designs and textile quality, she grew Oodaii into a brand firmly rooted in innovation, unrivaled quality, and responsible manufacturing practices.

This journey was however not without its challenges. From shaping the right marketing strategy, getting the right people, to striking the delicate balance between affordability and sustainability, Vidhya had to overcome these roadblocks to get the brand to where it is positioned today.

Bolstered by a smart and proactive design team, supported by state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and with processes and practices that are earth friendly, Oodaii’s story epitomizes the power of determination, innovation, and a clear vision to create meaningful change in the business of home linen and sustainability.

Classy colours, lovely textures and a rich luxury feel, all woven into an indulgent range of bath linen for everyone

Discover the world of Oodaii’s exquisite textiles, where every piece is hand-crafted in order to enhance your daily routines.

Drape yourself in the luxurious softness of our Hammam Terry Towels, offering a texture and feel like no other. Try the Tress Wrap, which is intended for a snug fit and efficient drying, for a genuinely luxurious hair-drying experience.

Transform your little ones into daring superheroes with the Super Snug Children’s Ponchos. Bid farewell to post-bath worries and embrace ultimate comfort with Ease Wrap. Explore Bamboo Waffle Towels, known for their enhanced moisture absorption and unique waffle texture. Add a touch of luxury to your face care routine with the ultra-soft face towels, and enjoy the hand-drying experience with the compact and colorful hand towels.

But that’s not all; Oodaii also offers a delightful range of gift sets. The Sea & Sand collection is inspired by the subtle tones of the ocean and sand, while the Gaia collection reflects the beautiful hues of nature. For a pop of color and fun, check out our Crayon Collection, or opt for the fresh and vibrant Sorbet Collection, inspired by the hues of frozen fruit. Don’t forget to check out the Pet section and the Baby Towels too.

With Oodaii, your everyday routines are about to get a whole lot more luxurious, vibrant, and exciting.

Focusing on the twin aspects of growth – service excellence and strategic product diversification

At Oodaii, the business rests on the values of innovation, ethics, and sustainability. These principles are woven into every action and creation. Vidhya has ensured that Oodaii has not only created a strong presence in key markets, but has also been a preferred choice for hundreds of clients across India, by carrying these values forward.

Within just a year, Oodaii has seen incredible growth, with the number of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) doubling. This remarkable expansion further emphasizes the increasing consciousness among consumers, who recognize the importance of making sustainable choices for their needs. Oodaii in turn has become a trusted space for such consumers, who have reciprocated their continuing support in the form of regular repeat purchases and recommendations.

Looking ahead, Oodaii has ambitious plans to broaden its product offerings in the Indian market and venture into the world of home textiles. These future projects are not just about innovation but also sustainability, promising to enrich the lives of its customers in beautiful ways.

Click here https://www.oodaii.com/ to pick up a range of exquisite and comforting bath linen.

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