Turn Back The Clock With Nostalgic Gifting By Vintage Arthetics

    “An antique is anything old with class”.- John Bartlett

    Vintage Arthetics – The Art of Handmade Vintage Gifting for Special Occasions!

    The Value of a gift is not merely the price attached to it but the emotional and sentimental value with which it has been gifted. With a profusion of gifting products in the market, what distinguishes any piece is the customization element added to the gift. Collecting handmade gifts has its unique significance that nothing else can match. To top it all off, if it is a throwback to the good old nostalgic days of yesteryears, it becomes even more priceless and valuable.

    If one really wants to break the trend of ordering a basic gift that the receiver can guess before they even open it, one should really consider a vintage or handcrafted gift! Vintage items appeal to people who desire to preserve obsolete items, but handmade items are, by definition, one-of-a-kind. In a world of mass production, that is a rare privilege.

    So here’s a call to all vintage lovers to engage with “Vintagearthetics” in a flurry of creativity and love as they pour their hearts and souls into curating and crafting meaningful presents.

    Sagrika Thakur, a 24-year-old promising youth from Delhi, launched this brand in October 2022 with a bare-bones investment of around Rs.20,000.

    Handmade Gifts and Vintage Journaling are the centrepieces of the brand. It was created with the intention of resurrecting the lost age of handwritten letters and handmade gifts.

    “I believe handmade gifts have a greater ability to connect with emotions than anything else. It’s an artistic technique of keeping memories and expressing emotions.” Sagrika says of her motivation for launching this business.

    The uniqueness of the brand lies in the personalization and nostalgic touch it adds to. From offering frames, cards, letters and phone cases to memory books and albums, with customized stickers and notes , the brand is sure to melt your heart with their cute warming gifts presentation. Their gifts are nothing less than a treasure that displays their finest artistic designs curated and packed with unforgettable memories.

    From Accounting Numbers To Accounting Memories Of A Lifetime

    Sagrika who pursued her career in accounting had no prior experience in the art and craft business, however her inclination towards artistry drew out her ingenious skills in the business. During lockdown, she started off with creation of journal pages and posted them online. Having fetched a great response from the readers and getting queries for similar products, Sagrika contemplated to start creating handmade products on the same lines.

    Presenting art in the most aesthetic way is what inspired Sagrika to come with the brand name ‘Vintage Arthetics’ which combines both the elements. Having served 870+orders so far, the brand envisions to-expand its footprint globally too and customize products from all over the world.

    To Know more Visit: Website : https://vintagearthetics.com/

    Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/vintagearthetics/

    Vintage Store : https://vintage-arthetics.mini.store/

    Pinterest : https://in.pinterest.com/vintagearthetics/_created/

    Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/@vintagearthetics

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