1 2 101: Catalysing Business Growth Through Innvovative Growth Strategies and Visionary Partnerships

Business success is not merely measured by profit margins but by the ability to adapt, innovate, and consistently exceed customer expectations. Sustainable growth stems from a dynamic blend of strategic vision, operational efficiency, and a customer-centric approach.

1 2 101 pronounced as 121OHWON – is a business accelerator start-up that can be defined as a “PARTNER who is also a growth CATALYST.”

Promoted and managed by two savvy business personalities, Riddhi Punjani – Co-founder, and Rahim Lakhani – Co-Founder and Creative Director – the brand is an emerging hotspot in a crowded marketspace, filled with advisors as opposed to doers.

With highly professional and extremely successful, individual business and profit-making resumes across diverse business verticals, ranging from manufacturing, interior design, talk show production, performing arts, jewelry marketing, and fashion, 1 2 101 is a fine distillation of the combined business intelligence and entrepreneurial skills of the founders.

Offering bespoke business growth hacks for Luxury Fashion, Lifestyle, and F&B brands,
 1 2 101 going beyond the conventional role of a consultant, plays the status quo disruptor. From negotiating key deals to executing intricate strategies, it is completely hands-on, bringing lucrative opportunities to the table for brands.

“We love to watch people grow and succeed and we want to be the partner who could help brands and businesses unlock and unleash their maximum potential.” Shared Riddhi.

Here win-win partnerships are the raison d’être of every service

If you ask the founders of 1 2 101 to sum up their enterprise mantra in 3 words it would be –
 Business | Brand | Buck. This means the enterprise takes on an external executive leadership role and spends time on ground zero delivering results. The service suite encompasses creating winning strategies for business development, brand growth, social media impact, and most importantly revenue growth.

1 2 101 has collaborated with an array of high-luxe fashion brands, showcasing an impressive portfolio of partnerships. Noteworthy collaborations include MARGI by Margi Sutaria, renowned for its chic fusion of Indo-Western wear, and Bhawana Rao, who entrusted 1 2 101 to elevate her brand as synonymous with glamorous handcrafted embroidery and luxurious gowns.

Aanchal Sayal, a prominent entrepreneur in premium handbags and footwear, joined forces with 1 2 101 to propel her brand to new heights, especially capturing the attention of celebrities. Lakshmi Deepthi, known for her handcrafted couture ensembles for both women and men, chose 1 2 101 to steward her brand.

Eleganzaa, guided by 1 2 101, successfully launched one of India’s largest Luxury Multi-Brand Boutiques in Chennai. Across borders, the collaboration with @houseofraina in Vancouver, Canada, marked a strategic alliance, reflecting 1 2 101’s global presence and expertise in luxury brand management.

Raghvi Lamba’s Rococo by Raghvi emerged as a must-have brand under the guidance of 1 2 101, showcasing pathbreaking designs. Similarly, Panache by Sharmeen, one of the earliest collaborations in the Western market, gained widespread popularity as a multi-brand studio offering bespoke outfits for brides and grooms.

With success stories like these 1 2 101 is cementing its status as a growth partner committed to turning aspirations into tangible reality.

Growing by keeping the client and their brands at the centre of every business decision

In a groundbreaking year since its establishment on January 1, 2023, 121OHWON has emerged as a significant player, through its innovative approach and client-centric strategies. The visionary founder duo, Rahim and Riddhi, have diligently invested their expertise to offer bespoke business development and brand strategy solutions, propelling clients towards a path of measurable growth.

The blueprint for the future reflects the enterprise’s escalating ambitions, aiming to penetrate new markets and forge partnerships with a fresh roster of clients. Rahim and Riddhi, driven by a shared vision, are steering the company towards an expansion trajectory that foresees the establishment of two international operating offices and the addition of two strategic locations within India, augmenting their current operational footprint.

Instagram Link: https://www.instagram.com/121ohwon?igsh=MWh1Y3Z0aXB3eGxseg

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