From Start-up to Success: The Vibrant Era’s Path to Recognition and Growth

Heartfelt suggestions from close friends can carry a very powerful and encouraging message. Once you listen to them, things can turn really positive in life.

The same happened with Ravina Manghani the dynamic and gifted business personality behind the fast-growing enterprise – THE VIBRANT ERA.

After successfully completing her first year of studies, Ravina found herself with a 2–3-month gap before the commencement of her second year. With ample time on her hands, a casual conversation with her best friend sparked an idea that would change her trajectory – founding a start-up. Inspired by her lifelong dream of managing her own enterprise, Ravina embraced the opportunity without hesitation. Thus, The Vibrant Era was born.

“I always wanted to have my own small business and manage my own enterprise, so when my bestie told me it would be the right time to do something, I did not hesitate and soon THE VIBRANT ART was a reality.” Shared Ravina.

Today the business has caught the eye of discerning customers, who are looking out for interesting and personalized utility or gifting options that stand apart from the crowd and the visual chatter that prevails on social media today.  

Vintage and aesthetic gifting options that are a sheer delight

THE VIBRANT ART is all about adding that delicate touch of beauty and sentimentality to your life with its skills to create and deliver a range of artistic customized phone cases, scrapbooks, journals, greeting cards, handcrafted letters, and more.

Add designer appeal to your phone cases with the exciting range of customized and aesthetically pleasing options. Tailored to fit any Android or iOS model, THE VIBRANT ART explores infinite possibilities to personalize your phone case with photos, themes, quotes, and color schemes according to your preferences. For avid readers, on offer are hand-crafted bookmarks. 

Looking for a meaningful gift for your loved one? Look no further than the exquisite scrapbook or memory book. These handcrafted treasures capture and preserve all the beautiful moments shared between you and your loved one, ensuring lasting memories that will be cherished forever.

If you truly want to make a heartfelt impression, handcrafted and handwritten letters are the perfect choice. With their delicate accents, personalized messages, and vintage finishes, these letters are infused with a sense of nostalgia and carry a profound emotional impact. Though small in size, these miniature letters hold immense power and serve as a testament to the depth of your feelings.

Embrace the power of personalized gifts and create lasting memories with our meticulously crafted products.

Preparing for the challenges of growing a fledgling enterprise…

THE VIBRANT ERA is a young enterprise. It is now at a stage where it is gearing up to invest time and effort in a planned way, to grow the business and expand its reach to a wider client base across the country.

“Yes, managing and growing a business, especially the vertical in which I operate is a challenge, because of so many competing options that are available to a customer. I intend to focus on the 3 main things – Quality, Pricing, and Delivery – because, in the E-commerce world, these are critical to the success of a growing enterprise.” Shared Ravina.

With her sights firmly set on taking the business to the larger stage, Ravina intends to add exciting innovation and explore a few more interesting and creative ways to add to her product portfolio. The positive client reviews she has collected in a short span of time are very encouraging too. To sum up, the will of a womanpreneur, her inventive creations, and the drive to succeed, is surely going to take THE VIBRANT ERA places.

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