Neha Seth’s Passion Ignites with MAGICAL NIBS: India’s Finest Calligraphy Design and Art Enterprise

Welcome to the enchanting world of calligraphy, where every stroke of a pen weaves a spellbinding tale of elegance and finesse.

Neha Seth launched MAGICAL NIBS – one of India’s leading commercial calligraphy design, gifting, and art enterprise studio. Neha is, in fact, a qualified lawyer who courted the art of calligraphy, and then with the training and guidance of three exceptional master penmen evolved into the brilliant, professional lettering artist that she is today.

Operating out of Lucknow and offering its services across the country, MAGICAL NIBS is one of the few commercially successful, calligraphy art-centric enterprises. With a deft touch and an artistic flair, it seamlessly weaves the art of flowing writing into a myriad of keepsakes.

Calligraphy that enchants the heart and brings a wow feeling

Every little object from MAGICAL NIBS carries a unique emotion to gift someone special. From the very first glimpse, the receiver is captivated by the exquisite styling and attention to detail. Every stroke of the pen, every carefully chosen word, exudes a sense of elegance and sophistication that is bound to leave a lasting impression.

“I offer both modern styles and traditional script calligraphy. At times I even create a dynamic fusion to make a note or a gift look different” Shared Neha.

Check out the handwritten letters, notes, cards, and tags that possess a timeless charm. Crafting stylish menu cards and exquisite wedding invitations that capture the essence of the event is a specialty too.

When it comes to gifting, the curated options reflect both luxury and thoughtfulness, tailored to weddings and corporate occasions. Her creations are imbued with a unique touch of innovation, and she goes the extra mile to tailor orders to perfectly align with her clients’ preferences.

From anniversaries, special days, birthdays or any celebration for that matter, that special calligraphy touch, adds an essence of elegance and personalization to every item. From refined wine bottles and elegant wine glasses to sophisticated watch boxes and jewelry cases, each piece is adorned with hand-lettered calligraphy, creating a truly captivating and memorable keepsake.

Add an elegant touch to your wedding or special event with on-site calligraphy services. Their talented calligrapher will be present at your venue, creating stunning handwritten masterpieces that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

On- site calligraphy – Live engraving on the events to personalize your gifts

Neha specializes in the art of live calligraphy and offers her services at various events. She skillfully crafts personalized calligraphy designs on a variety of gift favors for the clients visiting these events, including perfume bottles, wine bottles, wine glasses, diaries, candles, and more. Additionally, Neha provides on-site calligraphy services at perfume stores, where she creates customized calligraphy notes for customers who purchase perfumes. These unique and heartfelt notes add a personal touch to their shopping experience and make their perfume purchase even more memorable.

Their on-site calligraphy service is not only visually stunning but also provides an interactive and captivating experience for your guests. You can witness the creation of beautiful lettering firsthand and even request small customizations to make their experience truly unique.

Elevate your wedding or special event with the timeless art of calligraphy. Contact MAGICAL NIBS today to book our on-site calligraphy service and make your celebration an unforgettable experience.

Writing a fresh story of her own…

At MAGICAL NIBS, Neha Seth is writing her very own growth story riding on her impressive talent of fine calligraphy. From individual clients who connect with her through her popular social media handles to those who come to her after getting recommendations, she has built up a reputation for creating fabulous calligraphy art for all. She has delighted more than 1000 individual customers and created mementos for memorable life moments.

“The challenge I face today in my business is the lack of trained calligraphy artists who I can bring into my business and take up more orders. Good photography to showcase the finished calligraphy art on social media is also a problem.” Shared Neha.

Neha is fortunate to be connected with two esteemed organizations, Young Indians CII and the influential G20 community. Her remarkable achievement includes securing a significant corporate order for the G20. Additionally, she is a valued member of FICCI’s women entrepreneur organization and has recently designed exquisite hand-written acknowledgments for FLO Kanpur, the dynamic women’s wing of FICCI. Notably, several celebrities have chosen MAGICAL NIBS as their go-to option for sophisticated gift choices.

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