Discover the Allure of Evil Eye Jewelry and Accessories at RAKHIWALE

The ancients say that the eyes are channels for both positive and negative energy.  A jealous or ill look from someone intentionally or unintentionally, can badly affect the luck or well-being of the person to whom it is directed.

In these times of stress and uncertainty, we all want something reassuring, something that will protect us and our loved ones from these sorts of malevolent influences. RAKHIWALE – a contemporary design studio has something that does exactly that.

The entrepreneurship journey of the founder Falguni Visaria and the co-founders – Dikshita Visaria and Ankit Nandu commenced with the trio starting a venture that created and marketed exquisite designer rakhis for the festival. These were not just evil eye rakhis but nearly all types of rakhis. A beautiful coincidence however, the evil eye concept evolved and integrated into a sort of benevolent signature for the brand.

The amazing response they got after they further experimented with the evil eye design on fashion and jewelry accessories, encouraged the founders to carry it forward and create a niche market for their products.

Creating contemporary designs that resonate with everyone

Deeply rooted in the ancient Greek tradition, the mesmerizing EVIL EYE charm takes inspiration from the mystical eye symbol. Crafted in the captivating shapes of eyes, and adorned with shades of blue or green, these enchanting charms serve as powerful guardians, symbolizing spiritual protection.

RAKHIWALE fashions beautiful Talismans that help the wearer ward off evil and jealous looks, protect against negativity and open up the possibilities of good fortune coming his or her way. Check out the intriguing and charming designs that you can shop for at the portal.

Indulge in the timeless allure of the Evil eye bracelet adorned with exquisite pearls, a splendid companion for everyday wear that invites fortuitous blessings. Grace your loved ones with the ethereal beauty of the Evil Eye Necklace, an emblem of safeguarding. Earrings to accentuate your fashion statement. Elevate your style with the understated yet mesmerizing charm of our evil eye watch charms, subtly enhancing your look. Discover a myriad of rings in captivating shapes and colors, alongside our Hamza Necklaces and the captivatingly elegant Evil Eye Neck chain, epitomizing grace and sophistication.

This Raksha Bandhan, bestow your beloved brother, sister, bhabhi, and all those cherished with the captivating Evil Eye Rakhis, serving as a powerful shield of protection.

Another interesting version and a bestseller- BUTTON COVER- was recently launched at the effervescent Soul Festival 2023, This concept transforms ordinary buttons into extraordinary accents.

At wedding events, an Evil eye-themed bar can be created, adding a unique touch. Additionally, the concept of an evil eye bar can be extended to Mehndi and Wedding giveaways. The design and functional opportunities are limitless and filled with excitement. Their Evil eye bars are immensely popular at weddings, offering live creation of bracelets, necklaces, and other accessories tailored to each guest’s preference. This interactive and entertaining activity keeps the guests engaged and delighted.

Creating inviting designs to keep enticing clients

RAKHIWALE as a fresh concept and as a brand with a distinctive central theme, has catered to and delighted more than 1000 customers over a period of time. It has created winning collaborations with bloggers, influencers, and also prestigious personal events, where the central theme has been the evil eye design and it has garnered rave reviews from everyone!

The brand’s ability to infuse imagination into its designs has been a key factor in its success and appeal. By incorporating the evil eye motif in creative and captivating ways, it has managed to create a distinctive presence in the market. Growth is happening by staying relevant and up-to-date with trends and the brand looks to leverage its presence on social media and its Ecommerce website to keep expanding its circle of influence.

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