ZAKI–Championing Contemporary Art and Revering the Artistic Mastery of Indian Craftsmen

When close friends get together for a conversation, the rapport is so good that something mentioned casually as an idea can turn into a wonderful and successful business proposition.

ZAKI, a prominent platform for contemporary art-driven fashion statements and traditional Indian handicrafts, reflects this friendship-rooted business principle. Founded by two close friends Zalak and Kinnari – hence the name ZAKI – the venture embarked on a unique sojourn from just a casual conversation.

Sparked by the duo’s creative inclination and their genuine desire to promote eco-friendly, sustainable products inspired by the rich cultural heritage of India, the venture started with modest capital. But it has since grown into a thriving enterprise, spurred further by participation in popular home décor, consumer and art exhibitions that helped it generate consistent business and earn good revenue.

The brand’s product portfolio range includes everything from intricately hand-painted kitchenware, home décor, clothes and more, all consciously sourced from local Indian artisans and small businesses.

ZAKI’s vision is ambitious yet inspiring – to establish itself as a household name, where the brand speaks for itself. Rooted in their local community and deeply committed to supporting Indian artisans, Zalak and Kinnari believe that every ZAKI product tells a story, inviting customers to bring a piece of India’s natural beauty and cultural heritage into their own homes.

In essence, ZAKI is a testament to the power of passion and creativity that celebrates the artistry of Indian craftsmen while providing clients with unique and sustainable handmade treasures.

Witness the beauty of handcrafted décor, fashion and gifting elements

ZAKI, as a brand, places a strong emphasis on supporting local artisans, while at the same time weaving an eco-friendly approach into every creation. It is committed to craft handmade decor and accessories that not only promote traditional designs, but also infuses them with a contemporary and trendy flair, catering to every client’s personal preferences. This keen understanding of its clients’ preferences enables it to deliver perfectly tailored orders.

The product portfolio is a smart and trendy collection of items that are meticulously hand-painted, intricately hand-embroidered, or entirely handmade, with a strict policy against the use of machines in production. This dedication to manual craftsmanship ensures that each creation is a unique piece of art, aligning perfectly with the brand’s commitment to sustainability and artisanal excellence.

Explore the collection, which combines craftsmanship and everyday elegance. Ordinary products are elevated to the extraordinary at ZAKI via incredible touches of skilled creativity.

Discover hand-painted tote bags, where every color and design tells a captivating story. Embrace the charm of Banjara shoulder bags, intricately embroidered with a tribute to India’s rich heritage. Reimagine your living spaces with decor items inventively crafted from refurbished old bottles.

Infuse your wardrobe with a personal flair with custom hand-painted clothing. Elevate your dining experience with hand-painted glassware that adds a touch of artistry to every meal. Immerse yourself in the world of wooden bags and clutches, inspired by the enchanting traditions of Pichwai and Phad art.

From mirrors that reflect both your image and the artistry of skilled craftsmen, to hand-painted copper bottle sets that serve as both functional and decorative pieces, ZAKI’s range also encompasses trays, tableware, wall decor, and even delicate book marks. Each item is a testament to the dedication to craftsmanship and a celebration of creativity.

Experience this enchantment of craftsmanship and enhance your surroundings with the distinctive pieces curated by ZAKI. Welcome the magic of creativity into your daily life.

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