Glitternest – Making elusive dreams come true through Chic and Minimalist Event Decor

    People aim to make their special occasions memorable through unique decorations and themes. Glitternest, an event planner in Noida, specializes in providing the best designs and themes for such events. Their theme party decor includes elements like party backdrops, birthday cake stands, photo booths, themed dessert tables, and table centerpieces. These details contribute to creating lasting memories of significant moments. Glitternest excels at enhancing special days with their expertise in event design and decor.

    Glitternest offers a wide array of theme-based decorations for diverse events, from birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, pre-wedding festivities, corporate events, pool parties, festive decor, and other special occasions. Their expert team meticulously creates celebrations that embody the client’s vision, whether it’s quirky or classic, modern or traditional. The brand’s distinction lies in its elegant, refined, chic, and lively designs, resulting in decor that’s both simple and sumptuous.

    This brand’s differentiator is its commitment to high-quality service and meticulous attention to detail. Offering a diverse set of themes and packages to meet the needs of the client, the brand just wants the host to share the occasion/event and type of décor preferred and sit back to relax and enjoy the special day. The brand’s team guides clients through the planning process, discussing every theme element, color scheme, and show-stopping detail in advance to ensure precise design execution.

    A sneak-peek into the journey !

    Like many startups, Glitternest encountered challenges in its early stages, particularly in conveying design ideas to customers during the pre-event phase. However, they successfully addressed this issue by incorporating a 3D technology team into their company. This team introduced virtual reality and augmented reality for event planning, allowing customers to visualize and preview event designs. This innovative step greatly enhanced the client experience and improved communication regarding event concepts.

    Sharing a brief insight into the workings of the business, the founder mentions  “We, at Glitternest, believe that the most successful event is the one that achieves your goals and exceeds your expectations. Glitternest was made keeping in mind two essential points’ ‘ value for time” and “value for money” as these are the most treasurable moments of life.  The key is to focus on carefully choosing all the theme elements and ensure they are of high quality and match the overall aesthetic. By doing so, we create a minimalist chic party decor to keep things simple and uncluttered. Each element should serve a purpose and contribute to the overall aesthetic without overwhelming the space. Our role is to transform spaces, bring joy, and create experiences according to the customer’s budget, style, and vibe.’’

    Learning from the inspiring surroundings around

    Priya Saxena, the creative force behind Glitternest, hails from Delhi and has a deep appreciation for aesthetics and diverse cultures. Her abiding passion for exploring the world, connecting with people, and traveling has always been a central aspect of her life.

    Discussing her inspiration behind launching the brand, she mentions,” An aesthetic by nature, I find beauty wherever I go and project it onto unique, quick-witted event designs. I truly enjoy communicating with people of all backgrounds which makes the event-planning process quite pleasant and amusing for my beloved customers and me. I am a perfectionist with a deep commitment to understanding each client’s objectives. My attention to detail makes Glitternest events an incredibly unique and memorable experience for all. Most importantly, it goes without saying that I am a frequent guest at numerous corporate, business, or fun events, which is why I know exactly what guests enjoy, dislike, feel or look for. So while planning my next event, I always consider guests’ impressions and emotions in order to bring only the best experiences to my customers.”

    The Roadmap Ahead

    A few years down the line, Glitternest aims to focus on sustainability and offer eco-friendly decor options and practices. It also plans to add virtual and hybrid events segments to its services.

    To quote the founder,“ At Glitternest, our mission is to create unforgettable and seamless event experiences by designing and executing exquisite decor that reflects our client’s unique visions, turning their dreams into reality. We are dedicated to making every event a cherished memory that lasts a lifetime. Our vision is to be the premier event planning and decor company, known for our unparalleled creativity, professionalism, and commitment to excellence.”

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