THE MINIATURE CO. – Meet Ishani, an interior designer turned miniaturist who is recreating memories with her unique miniature art.

A tiny seed holds a mighty tree. Imagine this concept applied to a business and you will find that there actually exists something, where tiny actually means a big and truly unique business opportunity.  


THE MINIATURE CO founded in September 2020 by Ishani Umre is all about the idea of making a profitable business out of miniatures. Interested in the concept of design, Ishani is a qualified Interior Designer, who found her calling after she realized that she was missing out on expressing her creative side to the fullest.

“Miniatures got my attention and fascinated me right away. It was a completely new niche in India and I felt this was something challenging that I could attempt,” says Ishani.

Today THE MINIATURE CO is perhaps the only professional miniature model maker brand in India. It is creating a lot of excitement and attracting the attention of a whole lot of customers who want to explore this avenue. The future is definitely about growth in a big way.

Miniature Art is all about being perfect…and perfection is what is delivered by Ishani…

Miniatures are basically scaled down models of spaces or objects. Ishani working with a design ratio of 1:12 has patiently crafted a brilliant portfolio that consists of a Coffee table with Magazines, Dining Table set up, Bedroom set up, Kitchen set up complete with miniature gas range, sink and cooking vessels, Design studio set up, Mini utensils, Mini plant hangers and Rubber plant, Miniature edibles, Miniature workstation, Miniature paintings, Conference Room set up and a lot more.


Creativity. Perfection. Authenticity. Finish. The MINIATURE CO offers these in ample measure to deliver miniatures that surprise and delight everyone.

The brand also offers workshops where the creative elements of Miniatures like Roombox Making, Furnished Bedroom Setup and Lighting are covered in detail. It also creates 100% handcrafted miniatures as gifts.

”People are highly appreciative of the miniature creations and they are also realizing the time and effort that it takes for a model to be created. This is very encouraging for me as it gives me more confidence to pursue my passion.” Ishani told The Business Press.

Transforming tiny ideas into a piece of art

“The scope of creating miniature scale models is evolving everyday. As it is a very niche offering the possibilities and potential of it is yet to be explored fully and the future looks really exciting,“ says Ishani.


The MINIATURE CO looks to now take its core offering to reach out to real estate developers and offer its expertise to create miniature models of the architecture and interiors to complement their marketing efforts. There are also plans where the same expertise can be used to create gifting objects.

Adds Ishani, ‘I am also very soon starting my own office and hiring staff since one model takes at least 1 month to complete and I intend to fulfill at least 10 orders in a month.”

Click here to take a tour of the wonderful miniatures created.                                  

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