Right Diet- Feel Good Inside Out With This Brand That Offers Holistic Nutrition.  

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.” ~ Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Holistic Nutrition is The New Mantra For A Healthy You

Foods rich in nutrition have been playing a major role in the dietary habits of people and this consumption requirement has increased in its importance ever since the pandemic broke out in the year 2019 as people have found it to be a necessity to be fit and remain in good shape. According to a survey by consultancy firm EY India, Indian consumers are willing to spend more on fitness classes and activities, consume natural foods, and health supplements, and follow specialised diets with the COVID-19 pandemic creating ‘the biggest seismic shift’ taking health and immunity to the centre stage. Catering to these nutritious dietary habits of several people by providing them with nutritional, wellness and dietary tips & training is a startup firm called the “Right Diet”, which was launched in the online space in 2018.

As the name suggests, the brand is an online service platform that provides health & wellness programs, nutritional tips and exercise plans to the health enthusiasts. Ushering in the expertise of its founder Firdous Farooq, the brand is sure to bring out the fittest, healthiest and most energetic version of oneself.

The Right Diet Approach To Bring Back Your Vim & Vigour

The most unique part about the services of Right Diet is that there are no compulsive fixed diet charts, rather they provide nutritional and diet counselling, catering the best customized food plans to meet the health goals of the seeker. The brand believes in the Mantra of “Don’t eat less, Eat Right” and that is why they don’t build diet charts but rather build healthy eating habits. Using the behavioral science approach, they advocate the principle of “Train your brain” to adopt wise choices in daily chores such as eating, exercising, and thought processes, to bring holistic healing to mind, body and soul.

The Brand’s Launchpad & Vision Ahead

Firdous, an MSc in Dietetics and a Diabetic Educator, carries 5+ years of experience in the field of nutritional and dietetics management in various sectors like hospitals, gyms, schools, clinics and research.

Talking about her journey from motherhood to being a mompreneur, Firdous shares, “Being a clinical nutritionist & dietician and assuming the role of being a new mother, I always carried the passion towards health, fitness, food and technology which led to the creation of Right Diet”.Deriving knowledge from her experience, she also started with kids’ nutrition and health plans. The brand focuses on the overall holistic fitness of the body and the mind & therefore they closely guide through the minutest aspect related to wellness such as sleep pattern, stress level, eating habits. Their magical program has successfully reversed a few chronic thyroid cases and they have aided their services to 100+ clients so far. Some recognized clients who have availed the services of “Right Diet” include Sarthak Goswami.

The brand that initially provided offline consultations in physical space is now present in online mode too on social media like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram and it aims to offer a comprehensive wellness approach targeting not only diets ad exercise, but the underlying root cause of a problem- stress level, sleep pattern and focus on auto-immune conditions. Providing long-term permanent solutions to health-conscious seekers is the ultimate goal of the brand.

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/right.diet/?hl=en

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