ECO MANIA – An idea that can change the world and also heal Mother Earth !

A United Nation Environment Reports states a very frightening statistic. Every minute, the equivalent of one garbage truck of plastic is dumped into our ocean! Isn’t that something to really get worried about and start finding a genuine solution? Well someone is trying!
This someone is Mayur Gandhi Founder CEO – ECO MANIA – an innovative start up that has come up with smart and truly environment friendly materials and solutions, that work as an alternative to plastic.

The idea came to Mayur after he read how there is a growing resistance to plastic across the world. This meant that there had to be something to fill that vaccum left behind, by taking away the plastic used for so many things. And this new material had to offer all the advantages of plastic and yet also be completely demonstrably eco friendy.

So very recently in the year 2022, with an intial capital outlay of INR 85,000 at the age of 22, Mayur started ECO MANIA.

Innovation that is smart and that makes the environment smile!

Material Innovation was a real challenge and after a lot of research and experiments ECO MANIA developed a material made from plant based dyes and plant based wastes. This material not only proved to be eco friendly, but also had the inherent advantages of plastic, like tensile strength, stretchability, thickness etc.

Says Mayur, “Our main product to start with are compostable biodegradable bags.These bags are water proof as well as can be customized to specification. The SALIENT FEATURES BEING –

  • 100% plastic free, compostable & biodegradable
  • Leak Proof
  • Self adhesive closure flap
  • Non, toxic free of GMO material, contains no phthalate or BisphenolA (BPA)
  • Bags convert into nutrient rich soil after discarding.

There is a great demand for such products in Eurpean countries and the USA. What ECO MANIA also wants to achieve is bring more awareness to people in India. Another argument that was also countered is why not use paper as a material – the answer being that paper involves cutting down trees which again affects the environment.

So ECO MANIA is basically just the right WIN WIN for everyone !

It’s not just about a business, it’s about a global crisis –

ECO-MANIA is a business space of young entreprenuers, conscious of the challenges the world is facing due to the use of excessive plastic. It seeks to inform, educate and raise awareness of the long term implications of the use of plastics and encourage people to shift to more eco-friendy alternatives in their day to day routine. Getting everyone to change their habits is one big challenge ahead for the brand. But it is making good progress and has aready making meaningful connections with people at the right places.

For example TEAM ECO-MANIA is a regular participant at popular beach clean ups where it connects with other volunteers and tells them the benefits of the mailer bag that is has developed.

Mayur is quite emphatic when he says, “Our mission is to make this planet a better place for all of us, we believe in giving back to the Earth.”

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