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The things that we love to do always find a way to come back to us. Take the instance of Apoorva Agarwal, a self-taught artist and the artistic force behind The CreARTive Soul – a gifting and home décor enterprise.

 She has been nurturing a love story with art since her childhood days of coloring, painting, and sketching. However, life’s hustle, studies, and the corporate grind temporarily veiled her artistic endeavors.

Then came a twist in the tale – the COVID-19 era – and with it the remote work culture. Seizing this unexpected turn of events, Apoorva, an IT professional by day and an artist at heart, found herself reconnecting with her long-lost passion. In the midst of all the pandemic challenges, art became her refuge and rekindled her creative flame.

Today, Apoorva has not just revived her passion but transformed it into
The CreARTive Soul – an entrepreneurial venture that’s rewriting the narrative of personalized gifts and décor. She has embraced her artistic identity, creating a brand that’s not just about products but a story of resilience, reinvention, and the undying love for all things creative.

The CreARTive Soul is more than a brand; it’s Apoorva’s artistic odyssey brought to life, waiting to add a touch of creativity and joy to every personalized creation.

Professionally designed gifting and décor items that are delighting one and all

Step into The CreARTive Soul’s enchanting world, where Apoorva’s boundless creativity finds expression in a diverse portfolio that captures the essence of imagination. From whimsical shapes to vibrant colors and flawless finishing, each creation tells a unique story.

For those who cherish memories, The CreARTive Soul offers an array of keepsakes –

  • Preserve the beauty of your special and favorite blooms forever with a captivating flower preservation in resin. Each delicate petal and even the whole flower is encased in crystal-clear resin, creating a stunning keepsake that will last a lifetime.
  • Capture the sweetness of every tiny detail with Baby Details Resin Frame – A timeless keepsake that preserves the precious moments of your little one
  • Personalized bag tags – For that cool individual style of travelling
  • Festive Thalis and Diyas – Add a glow of warmth and happiness to every occasion
  • Memory Frames – Elegant resin frames with photographs, flowers, names and anything you like
  • Clocks – A classy way to tell time with florals and elegant resin effects.
  • Nameplates – Customized handcrafted resin nameplates in various shapes and effects
  • Diaries – Dive into a world of self-expression, color and unique designs. Elevate your journaling experience with a touch of resin magic!
  • Dessert candles – Bringing realism to candles
  • Scented candles – Hand poured Soy wax candles in various soothing scents

From capturing the essence of celebrations and memories in flower-filled keepsakes to styling your backpack up a notch with personalized bag tags, every piece is a work of art. Dive into the festive spirit with handcrafted budget hampers and personalize your space with custom photo frames.

Illuminate your space with Decor Candles that go beyond the ordinary. Indulge in the warmth of dessert candles or the romance of scented candles, complete with your personalized touch —a sensory delight for every occasion. Tea light holders adorned with real flowers and exquisite floral resin diyas add a touch of elegance to your ambiance.

Explore the premium collection of keychains, bookmarks, charms, coasters, magnets – ideal for individual indulgence or corporate gifting.

Apoorva takes pride in working closely with clients, understanding their preferences, and infusing her expertise to craft personalized masterpieces. From brainstorming ideas to choosing the right materials, every step is a collaborative effort to ensure the final product resonates with the client’s unique style.

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for making dreams come alive, at The CreARTive Soul, the magic lies in transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary memories, one bespoke creation at a time.

Making customer happiness an integral part of the brand growth journey

Established in 2020 with a modest capital investment, Apoorva’s brainchild, The CreARTive Soul, has faced and conquered the challenge of growth

Setting lofty standards for herself refusing to compromise on the essence of her creations and juggling the intricacies of designing within budget constraints while maintaining impeccable quality, finish and aesthetics has been the brand’s hallmark.

That she has consistently met client expectations is evident in the brand’s continued success and the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction and its unique approach to design have garnered a loyal following and a consistently evolving client list. What drives it ahead is The CreARTive Soul’s mission to spread happiness through personalized gifts and décor.  Now, leveraging the power of social media, Apoorva aims to amplify the brand’s reach, connecting with a broader audience and extending the joy that The CreARTive Soul brings to every personalized creation.

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