Misaa The Crafter’s Delight: Creativity That Is Sure To Delight The Art Lover In You

The lockdown has surely proved to be a push for startups as it has given birth to numerous businesses. From professionals to students, housewives to graduates, so many people have been inspired to dip their toes in the uncertain waters of entrepreneurship....

Orgenza: Showcasing timeless and versatile handcrafted sarees for every mood and occasion.

India is a country known for its many art forms and rich culture. Everything from its festivals, food preparations, attire and languages is diverse and an invaluable part that gives India’s its identity. Indian attire receives a special mention as it is...

THE MINIATURE CO. – Meet Ishani, an interior designer turned miniaturist who is recreating memories with her unique miniature art.

A tiny seed holds a mighty tree. Imagine this concept applied to a business and you will find that there actually exists something, where tiny actually means a big and truly unique business opportunity.  

Anjali Lilaria – Up Your Style Quotient With Anjali Lilaria’s Handmade Couture

"Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life.”-Bill Cunningham India As An Emerging Fashion Hub India is a nation with an ancient tradition of clothing design, and it...

DIVINEARTT_BYSHWETATANEJA – This woman decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge by following her love for art

Giving up the security of a well settled teaching profession and then learning a form of art to create a brand new professional enterprise is a challenge everyone will not willingly accept. But perhaps it was the artist that resided in Shweta...

AVA by Akriti & Aruna – Luxe Beaded Luxury Bags crafted by local artisans

AVA by Akriti & Aruna
“When I want to treat myself, I will always get myself a new handbag”. - Coco Jones  The Phenomenal Comeback of Beaded Bags The beaded bag became popular in the late...

ARTIOS – Curating jewellery with a keen eye for detail.

Jewelry design and marketing in today’s highly connected world is intensely competitive. It demands so many things of the brand. But ask Ishita Shah and she says she is enjoying nurturing her own fashion jewelry brand ARTIOS, which she founded in the...

Vinanti Manji Designer Jewellery : Up your glam game with classic and charismatic jewelry that’s an ode to our glorious heritage

Nothing can highlight the beauty and grace of Indian women as much as traditional Indian jewelry does. In fact, it's hard to separate the charm of such jewelry and the beauty of women adorning them. What makes Indian jewelry so remarkable and...

Simply Silver – Handcrafted Silver Jewellery that is a perfect amalgamation of elegance and craftsmanship.

“Jewelry is like the perfect spice – it always complements what’s already there.” – Diane Von Furstenberg  Silver Jewellery Has Lived The Test Of Times Since Ages The year 2022 has...

A Tiny Twisted- These woman entrepreneurs are knotting their way to success using the age-old macrame art

“Art is not what you see but make others see”. - Edgar Degas Macrame is Back With A Modern Twist!  Macrame is a versatile form of fibre art that can be...



8 Tips That Can Make Or Break Your Start-up

1. Take risks and be willing to failFailure doesn’t preclude you from ultimately succeeding – in fact, it’s often a necessary step....