Discover the mystical and captivating art of ancient Parsi Gara, Zardozi and Bead Work With JOPHIEL.

Heritage handicrafts possess that intrinsic beauty, which has helped them thrive through the ages. But in today’s times of fast fashion, these arts and the craftsmen, both are experiencing a struggle for relevance and survival.

In such challenging circumstances, entrepreneurs like Firoza Shroff and Kainaz Tarapore the dynamic sister duo who have founded JOPHIEL, shine out like a bright ray of hope.

JOPHIEL the Archangel is the patron of arts and crafts, and it is such an apt name for this enterprise that proudly wears the mantle of preserving and sustaining the legacy of ancient embroidery art forms of Parsi Gara, Zardozi and Bead work.

Today JOPHIEL is a space where the intricate work of the master embroiderer, intersects with modern fashion sensibilities on sarees, stoles, jackets, handbags, clutches, potlis, batwas, slings, pouches and more.

Garments and Accessories embossed with the class of centuries old art forms and rich influences from Persian, Chinese and Indian cultures…  

Parsi embroidery is an artistic creation that has emerged from a matchless confluence of design cultures flowing down from India, China and Persia. Parsi Gara is known to be an embroidery art with nature as its soul.  What you see on a saree, a stole or even a clutch, is a breathtaking single thread embroidery with silk, cotton, or gold threads, translating into nature’s vivid creations, like trees, leaves, birds, flowers, animals, human’s forms and mythology too. Zardozi and Bead work seek to embellish garments and objects with edgy opulence and royal sophistication.

Nothing can beat the eloquence of the Gara which means a Saree; created in Chiffon, Crepe, Silk, Georgette or Jacquard. The rich fabrics carry hand embroidered stories represented in Ambi motifs, Forests, Florals, Birds of Paradise, Peacocks, Trellis Patterns and other keynotes. So grand, so stylishly elegant that they are coveted heirlooms. The Stoles in solid cool and earthy colors echo the same vintage class in styling and finishing.

The totes, clutches, handbags, potlis and other accessories too are standouts, in terms of colors, embroidered themes and design.

JOPHIEL is actually the consequence of Firoza and Kainaz growing up in a household surrounded by beautiful antiques. The fact that their grandmother had an exquisite collection of Gara Sarees, Kors, Jhabhlas and Ijars further stirred their interest and they both quit their corporate jobs to start this enterprise.

The enterprise was also blessed by a lady, a master of Gara and Bead work, who generously shared all the knowledge of her craft with both of them.

Giving back to traditional artists and being a medium to preserve soulful heritage art…

For both Firoza and Kainaz, creating heritage artisanal pieces is a great responsibility that demands rising above mere commercialization, and bringing to the business a vision that will stand the test of time.

“JOPHIEL intends to take the talented artisans, who are the true custodians of the timeless art of GARA and ZARDOZI, together with it on its journey ahead. We want to celebrate these artisans enrich their lives and create fantastic experiences for every client,” says Firoza.

The brand is today enchanting a growing circle of customers and the portfolio too is constantly sought to be upgraded, to keep every online engagement fresh and stimulating for visitors.

“Over a span of time we intend to invest in creating exclusive brand experience spaces in high street retail zones, where clients can walk in and indulge in a “first-hand look and feel.” Shared Kainaz.

Another compassionate facet of the brand is that JOPHIEL remains whole heartedly committed to support Cuddles Foundation – the only NGO in India providing holistic nutritional support to underprivileged kids fighting cancer.

Click here to discover heritage fashion with a contemporary flourish.

You can also get in touch with them via WhatsApp – 91525 06269

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