DREA BY SHAMBHAVI: Creating a Legacy of Sustainable Fashion Excellence

Creating a fashion statement as a brand is a challenge in its own complex way. But creating a fashion brand with a social and sustainable message is taking that to another level.

DREA BY SHAMBHAVI a startup fashion brand by Shambhavi Singh – is already doing it and very successfully too at that.

With the intention of shining the spotlight on the global fashion sensibilities and possibilities that can emerge from India, the fashion enterprise has set up a framework that is entirely keyed to deliver slow fashion, custom-designed occasion wear for the women of today.

Refined fashion is as exclusive as it is size-inclusive and trend-setting

DREA BY SHAMBHAVI as a fashion label, is more about creating styles and moods that are ageless by the wearer’s standards. Customization is the forte of the brand and it takes pride in being size inclusive.

“It’s not how much you buy, but instead it’s all about what you buy.”  This simple, yet profound statement is the driving force behind the brand.

As the lead designer, Shambhavi has nurtured the enterprise into a contemporary label with all the makings of a global tag. The garments she designs have all the trappings of transforming and clothing every client with show-stopping glamour and elite elegance.

“I wish to create pieces that have value and elegance to be in your closet for years to come.” Says Shambhavi once she stops gushing over the wonderful creations that have emerged from her fashion design label.

With design influences that flirt with subtle grace and affluent sophistication, the fashion wear you get is created to define the very woman you want to be.

Social Soirees, Sit Down Luncheon Or Dinners, High Tea Afternoons, Big Fat Weddings, Deal Making Meetings, Casual Catch Up, Date Night – You think of a time and there is a dress that is just right there.

Elegant white silk straight dress, Brown sequins short dress with detached long loose sleeves, Limited edition black coat and statement skirt set, Short length off white silhouette dress, Pencil stroke black dress, Fascinating mermaid skirts with floral embroidery on the net, Floral elegance evening gown, Nude shade crystal-embellished gown, Starry silver evening gown, Pure red gown with embroidery, Power status defining pant suit pair, Floral Co-ord set, Striped blazer dress, all this and more, tailor-made for the woman who believes in herself.

Creating a positive vibe and leaving a positive influence on mindsets…

DREA BY SHAMBHAVI has never been only about creating fashion, it is also about creating a powerful message to influence the audience’s mindset, about how fashion can be sustainable, and how less is actually more in the actual long run.  The holistic approach it has adopted towards fashion has meant that it is also making people more aware of the rich heritage of traditional textile crafts of India.

“As a brand, we are conscious about everything we do. We want people to realize the worth of design, the quality of the fabric and make them feel more connected to the garment that they are buying.” Quoted Shambhavi.

Currently catering to a growing clientele base including a lot of celebrities, with its cutting-edge fashion sense and its innovative use of fabric, Shambhavi in the long run intends to have a chain of studios across cities. Be accessible, be remarkable, and be exclusive too, that is the growth mantra being chanted by the talented team at DREA BY SHAMBHAVI.

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