Resplendent Weaves: The Captivating Story of RADYNEE’s Handloom Sarees

A woman in a saree wraps herself in more than 6 or 9 yards of fabric. She actually wraps herself in poetry composed of the softest fabrics, embellished with the gentle whispers of delicate design or at times bold splashes of eloquent colors.

At RADYNEE founded by Chinmaya Rairikar who herself is a dynamic and passionate saree connoisseur, you will discover how much more there truly is to a saree. Operating from her own bungalow space in a quaint lane of Pune, that threw open its doors in 2015, Chinmaya and in turn, RADYNEE have become trusted fashion confidants for women across the country.

Sarees from the house of RADNYEE – a confluence of rich tradition and truly timeless fashion

The fascination with handloom fabrics and sarees, previously confined to personal use, ignited the idea of customizing her own products and making them accessible to end users. She invested a lot of time studying the market, the fabrics, and creating a business model, before taking the plunge.

This investment paid off handsomely. RADYNEE is today a serene space filled with yards and yards of breathtaking beauty and classic simplicity, all handcrafted by master weavers from every corner of India.

From Opulent Bridal Sarees to the Cool Handloom Khadi Cotton Sarees and also a graceful range that expresses tribal art and design in all its rare beauty. You will find your hands automatically straying to caress the Pure Silk Handloom Paithanis, Dupion Dolabedi Silk Sarees, Ikat Sarees, Handcrafted Soft Khadi Cotton Dhaniakhali Sarees, Bagru Handblock Printed Chanderi Cotton Sarees, Pure Silk Valkalam Sarees, Pure Tussar Kantha Sarees and Ghicha Ketia Sarees, Katan Silk Sarees and more. The hand-embroidered Lambani Stoles, Handwoven Tussar Ghicha Bhujodi Stoles, and Pahadi Stoles are all part of a most admired ensemble.

“Working in close collaboration, we directly customize the sarees from our weavers and artisans. We brand their creation with our label and also offer our branded online platform to facilitate sales and revenue for them.” Shared Chinmaya.

Every single handloom product from RADNYEE is special and unique and its customers vouch for it when they say,” The quality and fabric is as good as promised. Most importantly they are unique, as we women never want to wear a saree similar to another woman.”

Progress draped in rich elegance and a vibrant partnership of trust and mutual growth

RADYNEE has been in the business for more than 8 years now, during which it has nurtured a beautiful and intrinsic relationship with over 5000 customers. Knowing instinctively what will be the seasonal and festive trends, the color palette, and how the woman of today desires to express herself, the enterprise has risen up the choice chart of its valued clientele. 

The offline B2C model was well established over the years. It was during the pandemic that the brand smartly migrated to the online business model. This ensured that the reach multiplied, pushing sales and revenue to an upward curve.  RADYNEE today leverages popular social media marketing tools to build connections and market its range of sarees through WhatsApp, Instagram, and its popular Facebook page.

Riding in tandem with this growth story is another beautiful facet of the brand – the humane side. RADYNEE by collaborating with scores of talented weavers across the country works towards uplifting their life, ensuring a market for them, plus the preservation of traditional skills and art.

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