The Artistic Odyssey: Embark on a Profound Journey of Paintings and Creative Enlightenment with Mitartss

When everything around seems all dark and complex, the artists of the world come to our rescue. They infuse beauty and joy into our lives, giving us a reason to celebrate our little victories and tide over our small defeats. If anything gives us hope amidst hopelessness and ecstasy amidst uncertainty, it has got to be the art and the artists.

Launched in November 2018, Mitartss is an online art portal, nurtured by talented artist Vaishali Mittal. Besides creating a lasting impact with her work, the young artist wants to bring back the era when paintings would be more than just home-decor items. They would engage your mind and draw out deep-seated emotions, thus making you feel something unique.

For Vaishali, painting is a medium of expressing her thoughts and building unspoken connections with fellow humans. With her powerfully evocative paintings, Vaishali wants to break barriers and reach out to people living in different parts of the world.

When painting becomes a life-long passion

Even though painting had been her passion since childhood, it took her a while to respond to that inner calling. Vaishali pursued a degree in engineering and became a software engineer. But working in MNCs didn’t give her the happiness that she was looking for. Gradually, she embraced her inner artist and decided to take this up as a career.

It was more of an emotional decision than a practical one. The gutsy girl adds “I started feeling that it was really important in today’s world to express your feelings and to understand the other person’s emotions too. And art gave me an opportunity to do just that.” Soon, she established her own startup Mitartss. This venture is a humble attempt to help people look up from their smartphones and dedicate their time and attention to the appreciation of art and everything that it makes you feel.

Vaishali also conducts online painting classes, which she started during the pandemic. For those passionate about painting, these online tutorials are an apt opportunity to learn from an artist who not only has mastered the skill but also understands the humane aspect of art.

Mitartss: Where art comes alive

Mitartss is an art hub that offers different kind of paintings, handmade portraits in various media for home décor and office spaces. Vaishali paints in mix media such as acrylic, oil, dry pastels, charcoal and many more. Here one can also get customized handmade phone covers, logos, handbags and T-shirts – all products rendered exceptionally beautiful owing to Vaishali’s breathtaking artistic talent. Moreover, if you want to surprise your loved ones with their sketches or colored portraits, Mitartss is the place to be.

What makes Mitartss special is its unwavering focus on expressing emotions through paintings. Even the hyper-realistic paintings strike a chord with customers, who most often feel a lot more than what they had expected. Mitartss creates a fine balance between emotions and realism, coming up with paintings that stay with us forever. 

Drawing out plans for future

Mitartss has come a long way since the time of its inception. Batting all odds, Vaishali’s maiden venture has been winning hearts on social media. When asked about the future, the founder says “I want Mitartss to be recognized as a notable, trustworthy brand that would become a favorite of artists and art connoisseurs.”

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