Discover the World through Windmill Holidays: Crafting Seamless Holiday Experiences with Passion and Expertise

Travel brings us closer to ourselves. It changes our perspective, allowing us to open our hearts to new cultures, unique cuisine, stunning landscapes, and thrilling adventures. As we experience life outside our comfort zones, it dawns on us how vast and beautiful this world is, and how people of different nationalities and cultures are bound by their same needs and emotions. Traveling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.

However, our travel experiences are often marred by a lack of proper planning and inadequate knowledge about the place and its people. Here’s where Windmill Holidays comes into the picture. Launched on 3rd September 2008 by Manu Kashyap, Windmill Holidays helps create a holistic holiday planning approach, carefully tying all threads to ensure that its clients have a seamless holiday experience based on their travel aspirations.

Looking at the bigger picture

To travel is to live – Hans Christian Andersen.

The company strives to be among the top three service and solution providers in the experiential and luxury holiday vertical. The founder aims to take the brand to a level where Windmill Holidays become synonymous with luxury holidays.

As Manu Kashyap says “When people think of holidays, they should think of Windmill Holidays.” They will guide you through the entire process, providing seamless end-to-end service from the word go.

Let the adventure begin!

The best education one can receive is through travel.

Windmill’s journey began in 2008 with the sole intention of curating a world of beautiful holidays for its travellers. Manu Kashyap, an avid reader and thrill-seeker started her career in the media industry after her graduation in English from Delhi University. Deep down, she knew her true calling lay in traveling, exploring the world with a keen eye and enabling every curious traveller to plan their journeys in comfort and style.

They say motherhood requires sacrificing your dreams and aspirations. However, Manu’s story busts this age-old myth. Manu proudly says it’s her son who made her a mother and an entrepreneur.

With new-found courage and confidence, Manu Kashyap started her boutique travel enterprise, Windmill Holidays, in 2008, the fruit of her labor as old as her son. She is a proud mother and a conscientious entrepreneur. She and her team of travel experts are passionate about their work and believe in curating the best and choicest of experiences with superlative services to her clients.

Make your travel fun and fulfilling with Windmill Holidays

It is better to travel well than to arrive – Buddha.

Windmill Holidays is the passionate endeavour of a team of holiday experts who believe that travel is as much about the journey as the destination and its experiences. The brand organizes luxury holidays, tailor-made for high-end, high-network individuals. The founder points out “We believe every traveller is different as are their travel needs and aspirations. Hence, no cookie-cutter with us. After getting a detailed list of requirements from the client, we create the first draft, including the itinerary and holiday layout. Based on client feedback, we customize the whole program, whether you want to go for a cerebral drive in New Zealand or have the best wine in South Africa, or visit and stay in the vineyards of France.”

The plan is curated by a team of experts that involves a great ground handler network, and relationship with tourism boards and consulates. Windmill ensures its clients receive optimum value for their holidays with the best deals and added benefits.

Manu Kashyap adds “We believe in being available to our clients at all times during their journey to ensure smooth and seamless travel experiences.”

That explains its loyal client base which boasts of 80-90% repeat clients. Over the years, the company has worked with the most renowned global travel and hospitality brands and built long-standing associations with them.

What’s on the platter

Do check out the brand’s Instagram page where New Zealand features as the go-to destination for June. Cruising the raw natural beauty of Antarctica is the hot favorite among evolved travellers. With Windmill’s customized itineraries, you can cherish the once-in-a-lifetime experience of soaking in the raw beauty of Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Namibia. In fact, safari holidays in India and Africa, and self-drive holidays are quickly climbing up the popularity charts as more tourists look forward to such scintillating experiences.

Looking ahead into the journey

Windmill Holidays has achieved great heights in the travel sector, thanks to its dynamic team and impeccable professionalism. Everybody works diligently with lots of love and care for travel and holidays. The brand intends to focus on sustainable tourism in the near future.


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