Going the Extra Mile for Kids Fashion: A Look at Ke and Kaa

I still remember the day I came to know that I was expecting. It was such a wonderful feeling, I just couldn’t believe till I first heard his heartbeat. This is the feeling that can’t be explained in words. Pregnancy brings in a lot of changes, not only physical but even emotionally. The feeling of carrying a little life inside you is just amazing. Visits to the hospital for regular checkups were both exciting and scary at the same time. Excitement to hear the heartbeat of my tiny tot and fear whether the baby is growing perfectly or not. Time flew and I was 39 weeks 6 days when I saw my handsome little boy for the first time and I fell in love with him even more. The pain that I went through every minute was worth it after I saw my boy, I had forgotten about every single contractions that I went through for 12 hours and had tears of happiness in my eyes. Suddenly I felt complete and my whole world was centred around a tiny human being whom I valued more than anything in the whole wide world. 

Motherhood began for me the day I conceived my little one. I was really scared of managing things as everything was so new for me right from thinking what to feed him, how to massage him, bath him and most importantly what kind of cloth should I make him wear. I have faced a lot of issues when it came to his clothing, couldn’t find something that would keep his skin safe in terms of irritation, rashes, allergies. It’s not that there are no organic clothes in the market for kids, but it wasn’t fitting in my budget and that’s what left me in dilemma as to how can we solve this problem because not everyone can afford such expensive clothes specially for kids in their growing age.

This thought and worry led me to  start Ke and Kaa because I wanted to create what I couldn’t find for my son at the time by selecting the right fabric which is soft, comfy, affordable, harmless to the environment and sustainable. We are also ensuring that the patterns of the clothes are made in such a way that it becomes easy to wear for the parents and well as the kids, the designs are timeless cute in simple styles and gender – neutral colours.

In order to achieve what I really wanted, I thought of coming up with Bamboo Cottton fabric and used chemical free dyes which are extremely harmless to the kids skin. Along with this I also wanted to create designs that would have some story behind it, I was always in search of animal prints which I hardly found, and so I decided to launch Ke and Kaa with designs that will animal prints. Colours play a very important role in our lives, it helps to calm us down to uplift ourselves and I have ensured to use colors very carefully.

Our mission is to create clothes that have a long life and can withstand frequent washes, ensuring that parents get their money’s worth.

Conclusion: A carefree girl became a responsible mother.

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