17th ART STREET– A treasure trove of eclectic collection of art expressed beautifully by Aalie Tandon.

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“A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever”

When John Keats one of greatest romantic poets wrote these words way back in time, little did he imagine it would influence an art enterprise across the oceans. Today an “artprenuer” Aalie Tandon – the founder of 17th ART STREET – has found inspiration in his words and set up a truly delightful and indulgent repository of Objet d’art.

Hailing from Lucknow and settled in Bengaluru, Aalie holds a Degree in Textile Design from NIFT and a Masters in Apparel Design from NID.

“Creating art was a journey of experiment and self-discovery, when I was turning the pages of my life looking to add a certain freshness and excitement to it. To me my enterprise is therefore a happy space where my creativity and imagination runs free,’ says Aalie.

Today the portal is a thriving, vibrant space full of customized hand crafted art pieces that are uniquely detailed and breathtakingly eye catching.

Every piece carries the impeccable craft and the authentic passion of the artist…

Creating art is not just simply fashioning something out of anything. It demands much more and the creative forces at 17th ART STREET know it and respect it.

“As an artist I invest my creative energies and my passion for all things beautiful, to create things that delight the eyes and touch the soul.” Shares Aalie.

Today the portfolio is a refreshing mix of abstract mixed media paintings, custom preserved floral mixed media letter lamps, limited edition handcrafted luxury crystal druzy geode inspired ball tea-light décor, elegant coasters and tray sets, scented wax sachets, wax melts & hand-poured jar candles in 100% soy wax, art jewellery consisting of necklaces, rings and earrings and a whole lot of collectibles and decor embellished with natural semi-precious stones and healing crystals.

The brand also offers large format paintings and accent tables, exquisite handcrafted custom gifting favors for weddings, related events, wedding flower preservation and custom gift box sets. Moreover, they offer personalized appreciation gifts for friends, teachers, relatives, and Rakhis during Raksha Bandhan. In the near future, they are keen on venturing into the realm of corporate gifting.

There is a soothing aura and a happy vibe around each piece that emerges under the watchful and patient eye of the artist. Everything is authentically hand-crafted from the drawing board onwards to the final product and everything in unique in every aspect.

Oh and if you want something customized, the studio is very receptive to listening to your ideas you can directly WA Aalie at +91-9482983244.

Art as a business evolves with concepts and innovation…

Having nurtured this business over a period of time there are certain challenges in terms of production and customer tastes that need to be taken care of. Today customers actively seek out unique product ideas as gifts or for display in their personal spaces.

“We are an art space that is evolving from making things as tiny as bookmarks to full-fledged conceptual, customized coffee tables for clients even internationally,” says Aalie.

The studio seeks to integrate traditional Indian art forms with its very own futuristic and contemporary design language, so as to stand out from the cacophony of me too styles that inhabit the geode resin art space at the moment.

Click or visit to indulge in a visual feast of art created for the senses and your special spaces.

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