Transforming Everyday Accessories: Discover the Vibrant World of THELA GAADI

The accessories industry is a dynamic and ever-evolving sector that encompasses a wide range of products designed to complement and enhance personal style. It’s not every day that a pair of ordinary, daily-wear accessories, inspire someone to start a really successful and trendy business.

But strangely, this is exactly what happened with Kapil Garg the founder of THELA GAADI – India’s funkiest space for happy, colorful daily use accessories.

Seeing a pair of sad grey socks and looking at the plain boring “corporate uniform” he wore daily to work, Kapil felt that if not the shirt and pants, then the socks at least could definitely add a delightful blob of color to daily life! This was the moment, that inflection point that set the ball rolling for THELA GAADI.

“THELA GAADI brings back beloved cartoon characters, games, and colorful designs and patterns from childhood, and yes, our merchandise uses officially licensed characters.” Mentioned Kapil.

Today in just a short span of two years, the brand and its range of cool products have shot up the popularity chart. People across every age group seem to be drawn towards it like a magnet! And why not?

Made from 100% combed cotton, the socks are hands down the bestsellers. They are woven to ensure comfort and durability, plus of course, they are super trendy. Adorned with a universe of cartoon characters, on a background of striking colors, each pair has its own story to tell about the wearer! Truly an all-season all-time favorite.

Apart from socks what is also worth exploring is the range of Handkerchiefs, Eye Masks, Tote Bags, and Boxer Shorts. The flaunt it, go everywhere Tote Bags are just perfect for work, school, or a day out – apart from being cool eye candy they also double up as your hardworking carry-all! A 100% cotton Eye Mask with an adjustable strap is just what one needs to deep dive into a comforting slumber. And when you have your favorite cartoon covering your eyes it’s all the more fun!

“We are a gender-neutral, 100% proudly made-in-India brand.  Creating that perfect fusion of nostalgia, fashion, fun, and comfort we redefined the meaning of everyday accessories. That is the key to our success.” Shared co-founder Vidhee Singhania.

It’s the connection with customers that keep the brand going and growing…

“Such lovely, quirky, Scooby-Doo fun socks. Kids loved it.”  “I bought a Power Puff Girls eye mask for my mother and she really loved it” “I ordered the Tom & Jerry socks for my husband on his 37th birthday. He got so emotional.” “I’m a Shinchan fan. The bag is so different I loved the printing, quality, color, and spaciousness.”

These lovely reviews are proof enough of how THELA GAADI products truly appeal to all age groups. No wonder the brand has notched up a count of more than 50K satisfied customers, who keep coming back for more.

 Already serving customers pan India, for more than two years now the long-term vision is to make THELA GAADI one of India’s most popular and India’s 1st integrated accessory brands.

“With our sense of design, our scale of production, and the unique connection we have created with all our customers, we are set to create new definitions of accessories as we go forward.” Shared Kapil.

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