MODERN PLANNERS – Discover the Legacy of Innovation with India’s Architectural Marvel

Witnessing the seamless transition of a thriving business from one generation to the next is a heartwarming journey.

Such is the narrative that weaves through the corporate fabric of MODERN PLANNERS, one of India’s distinguished architectural and interior designers, recognized for its flawless reputation and unwavering excellence.

For over illustrious six decades, MODERN PLANNERS has woven a legacy of architectural excellence that bears witness to the firm’s unwavering dedication to innovative design.

Since its inception in 1961, this remarkable journey has seen three generations of visionary leaders at the helm, each contributing to the firm’s rich history of professional achievements.

Founded by the illustrious MR. BALDEV RAJ SHARMA, the architectural heritage is steeped in creativity, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.

Today, the NEXT GEN leaders MR. VIPUL SHARMA and MISS AKSHITA SHARMA, continue to infuse fresh vitality into the enterprise.

As a leading professional firm, the enterprise holds a steadfast belief that every solution and design must go beyond mere aesthetics; they must embody all-inclusive beauty, where every element harmoniously converges to serve a definitive and functional purpose.

Says Akshita, “Our roots are anchored in the captivating vision of my grandfather, a distinguished Architect, whose meticulous manual drawings brought to life cinemas, residential havens, commercial landmarks, and industrial marvels. His creative fervor ignited my passion at the tender age of nine, fostering a deep-seated love for the art of design.”

Creating a tangible confluence of form, function, and enduring performance

As a successful architectural firm thriving in today’s modern business environment, MODERN PLANNERS is building on a foundation of talent, creativity, and technical proficiency.

With close attention to detail and a deep understanding of client’s needs, it has created a unique signature of its own while translating concepts into innovative designs.

“Our mission is to shape work and living spaces that transcend the ordinary. We craft spaces that endure as timeless masterpieces, a testament to our solid commitment to client satisfaction and our skill to create a seamless fusion of form and function.” Shared a very proud and confident Akshita.

Today the enterprise has a presence across projects in Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida, Faridabad, and NCR. It has also successfully executed several projects overseas.

Its professional services span the entire spectrum offering – Architecture Services, Interior Design, Structural Design, Landscape Design, Licensing Plans, Town Planning, Project Management Consultancy, Vaastu Consultancy,

At MODERN PLANNERS, the team seamlessly blends creativity, practicality, and precision. Whether it’s optimizing space, material selection, innovative design, or budget management, it strives to ensure a smooth, deadline-oriented client experience, regardless of project size or budget.

From entire living spaces and indoor lounge designs to master bedrooms, outdoor terraces, and office spaces, the expertise extends to flooring solutions, director cabins, bespoke furniture, and exquisite lighting elements. All are meticulously managed and delivered down to the tiniest detail.

Crafting future growth with designs that will redefine architecture and lifestyle

As a leading architectural firm, MODERN PLANNERS has proudly served more than 500 valued clients. It has not only met but consistently exceeded every client’s expectations.

This commitment to delivering projects both residential and commercial with exceptional quality and adhering to strict timelines, has earned the business an excellent reputation, resulting in a steady influx of projects through referrals.

“MODERN PLANNERS isn’t just about building structures; we are wholly dedicated to crafting architectural marvels that shape the future of design.” Says Mr. Vipul Sharma and Mr. Baldev Raj Sharma.

Looking ahead to the future, MODERN PLANNERS aspires to be a trusted source for innovative ideas, expert guidance, and strategic insights.

Furthermore, it aims to leverage cutting-edge technology in its designs. Embracing advancements such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence, it intends to offer clients immersive experiences that enable them to visualize and engage with their projects in extraordinary ways.

This motivation to excel is deeply rooted in aligning performance and deliverables with the company’s all-encompassing goals.

Armed with a strong portfolio shining with architectural brilliance, MODERN PLANNERS is poised to continue defining the landscape of design for years to come.

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