Going beyond the contemporary and driving sustainable changes through thoughtful choices

Nurturing an enterprise that looks beyond profit motives, but instead honestly aspires to create a larger influence and leave a tangible impact on critical real-world issues like the environment, is no small task. However, this is an idea that Neha Malik, the visionary founder of SEEDING SMILES has set in motion. Guided by the compass of her conscience the brand strives to harmonize the fine art of home decor, fashion and gifting with sustainable practices, where each delightful smile the products elicit, reflects a tangible commitment to a more sustainable future.

On a resolute mission to combat the escalating plastic crisis in oceans and landfills, SEEDING SMILES represents a catalyst for change, advocating that true environmental stewardship is a truly a collective effort. In a marketplace saturated with low-value alternatives, irrespective of their bio, eco, or synthetic attributes, SEEDING SMILES is intentionally disrupting the status quo.

Transcending the conventional notion of gifting, urging us to consider our choices as more than mere material possessions.

In a subtle yet powerful message, the brand is crafting an evolving narrative of how eco-friendly choices are orchestrating a silent but significant revolution in the world. The Essential Oil and Coconut Wax Candles, Essential Oil Wardrobe Fresheners, Jute Planters, Jute Bags, Jute Totes, and Paper Seeds emerge as unspoken ambassadors of change, eloquently advocating and gently nudging both the giver and the receiver towards a sustainable future.

Redefining Gifting: the trend to make the world a better place one gift at a time

The SEEDING SMILES message of sustainable gifting is finding strong resonance with leading business enterprises across the country, who want to gift something really memorable to their high value clients. Neha and her team have invested their creativity into developing an exceptional collection of thoughtful, trendy and sustainable gifting options for prestigious corporates like Saur Energy, DC productions, Spark Capital, Aakash Wines  to name few.

The bestseller is the essential oil candles. Locally hand-poured, these candles are crafted with loving care, with a blend of 100% organic essential oils and naturally derived wax, turning each candle into a stunning work of art. The carefully curated scents – an enchanting swirl of Cedarwood, a delightful fusion of Lavender and Ylang Ylang, and the timeless essence of Lavender promises a cocoon of tranquillity, offering a sanctuary for both body and mind to heal and find calm. No additive fragrance oil, no alcohol, and certainly no synthetic scented oils were used.

Other interesting offerings are the Zodiac Sign Candles crafted to match the personality traits of each sign, candles for activating the body chakras, candles for a relaxed sleeping time and the 5 wicks 100% Ylang essential oil urli bowl candles. The thoughtful corporate hamper consisting of an essential candle, premium glass bottle, coffee tumbler and premium dry fruits is a major attraction too.

Another big plus is that ZERO PLASTIC is used. Minimalist and bio-degradable packaging consisting of Hemp Paper, Eco Bubble wrap and Butter Paper does its own bit to reduce the carbon footprint. Smart, plantable wrapping paper, promised plantation of more trees.

What adds an extra layer of significance to these gifts is the purpose they carry. Each gift-wrapped candle represents not just a mere item, but a commitment to positive change, making the gifting experience truly special.

For SEEDING SMILES, these partnerships with business houses serves as a genuine validation of its thoughtful business model, core values, and the ongoing efforts to reshape people’s views on sustainability and environmental responsibility. Looking ahead the brand eagerly anticipates fostering numerous similar, wholesome relationships with corporate partners in the near future.

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