SKYHawk™ Arts: A Journey of Entrepreneurial Passion and Creative Empowerment

The restless spirit of an entrepreneur always finds expression one way or another. Ravindra Gupta the founder of SKYHawk™ Arts discovered this amazing truth. After working in the Insurance, IT, and Education sector for five years, he somewhere felt his entrepreneurial spirit was unfulfilled, and found himself yearning for something different and more meaningful.

During this phase, one day when clearing out his storage space to make room for his own office, Ravindra stumbled upon his childhood hobby of painting. This discovery led him back to his sketchbooks, sparking a creative revival of sorts. Eager to do more, he went to purchase art supplies where he was left stunned by the exorbitant prices.

Realizing the need for a fair balance between price and value in the art supply market, Ravindra, at the age of 25, took a bold step into the world of trading painting canvases, using his own capital. 

In 2016, SKYHawk™ was born, marking the official beginning of Ravindra’s venture. The brand secured its registered trademark, and by 2018, Maverick Business Solutions, a modest production unit with three dedicated workers, came into existence under Ravindra’s guidance. Thus, SKYHawk™ Arts was born not just from a desire for something different, but from a commitment to making quality art materials accessible to all. 

Partnering every creative mind in bringing masterpieces to life

At SKYHawk™ Arts, the artist takes center stage, and the brand is committed to deliver nothing short of excellence, empowering every artist to articulate their vision.

The White Stretched Canvas in Cotton and Linen, as well as the Black Stretched Canvas in Cotton, come in a variety of shapes – Rectangle, Heart, Triangle, Oval, Hexagon, Circle – chosen by artists seeking to infuse a distinctive dimension into their creations. For DIY enthusiasts, the MDF Board for Art and Craft, available in various shapes, serves as the perfect media for painting, drawing, and crafting decorative items.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, the Colour Mixing Palettes, in diverse shapes and sizes, ensure effortless blending of oil or acrylic paints. The Canvas Board, crafted from 100% cotton canvas surface mounted on acid-free MDF heavy board, makes the painting process an absolute pleasure.

For those who prefer flexibility, Pure Cotton and Linen White Canvas Roll and Black Canvas Cotton Roll, offered in different sizes, make painting with Oil, Acrylics, Watercolors, an effortless experience.

Completing the studio setup are Pine Wood and Rose Wood Easel Stands, alongside the Multipurpose Studio Easel that cater to displaying, sketching, and painting needs. And of course, no artistic journey would be complete without the array of art accessories, including high-quality paints and brushes.

At SKYHawk™ Arts, it’s more than just materials; it’s about being a partner to enable every artistic expression thrive.

The USP of the brand is that they are India’s only custom size canvas manufacturer & supplier with PAN India door step delivery. The best part is that they have no minimum order requirements.

They also organize art exhibitions on a quarterly or half yearly basis, aiming to establish a platform for emerging artists and the younger generation. These events allow budding talents to showcase their work among art enthusiasts, providing an opportunity to navigate the art market and gain practical insights into the industry’s challenges. Moreover, they conduct art workshops featuring renowned artists, enabling emerging talents to learn exclusive techniques not commonly taught in art colleges or institutions, thereby enhancing their artistic skills.

Making the world of art a canvas of growth through excellence

SKYHawk™ Arts, with Ravindra smartly charting its growth trajectory since 2018, has today evolved into a popular, art friendly, idea friendly and customer friendly space. 

Since debuting on Amazon in 2018, it has delighted 20,000+ satisfied customers across India and these numbers are on the ascent. What sets this achievement apart is the noteworthy fact that a significant 60% of customers, have not only placed initial orders, but have consistently returned for repeat purchases. 

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The brand’s Ecommerce portal which went live in 2020, has nurtured a community of more than 15,000 happy customers, and is experiencing an impressive 100% repeat order rate.

Notably, even amidst the challenges posed by the Covid-19 Pandemic, SKYHawk™ Arts not only weathered the storm but thrived. The period spanning 2020 to 2021 witnessed a remarkable 40% surge in new customer acquisitions.

Looking ahead, SKYHawk™ Arts paints an ambitious vision – to emerge as India’s leading Art Canvas Manufacturer Company. Going beyond mere production, the brand aims to be a vibrant hub for emerging artists to explore their craft.

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