LABEL TAMARA: Your Global Destination for Exquisite Kanjivaram Silk Sarees

Driven by a profound passion for traditional Indian handloom sarees, Ashika founded LABEL TAMARA at the age of 22. Adopting a strategic approach, she carefully selected a few stocks in the lower price range and utilized drop shipping. This method allowed for a seamless process where confirmed orders were directly shipped from the weavers’ or wholesalers’ websites.

Ashika’s fascination with the handloom industry, particularly handloom sarees, shaped the brand’s ethos. Delving into the history of Kanjivaram sarees further fueled her commitment to preserving the heritage of these exquisite handcrafted pieces, some with a legacy spanning over 150 years.

In a market saturated with silk saree imitations, LABEL TAMARA emerged with a mission to reintroduce authenticity. Ashika, motivated by the belief that silk sarees should remain pure, strives to educate customers about the true essence of a Kanjivaram saree. The focus is not just on selling sarees but on narrating the rich heritage embedded in each weave.

LABEL TAMARA has gradually earned the trust of customers navigating online platforms. The brand’s commitment to authenticity has made it a go-to place for saree buffs, providing a safe and trustworthy space for genuine handloom treasures.

Discover Kanjivaram sarees in all their resplendent glory

At LABEL TAMARA, the spotlight shines on the artistry of the magnificent, handloom Kanjivaram Sarees. Distinguished by their pure silk, each of these sarees bears the geographical identification provided by the government, and the Silk Mark Certified Hologram from the Silk Mark Organization of India. This certification guarantees the purchase to be genuine pure silk sarees.

What sets LABEL TAMARA apart is the exclusivity of each saree featured on their page. Operating on a first-come, first-served basis, once a saree is sold out, it cannot be rewoven or restocked on demand. This unique approach adds a touch of exclusivity to each piece, making it all the more special for those who acquire it.

The collection available at LABEL TAMARA is a visual feast, boasting elegant designs, an extensive color palette, diverse patterns, and the luxurious soft rustle of pure silk. Wearing these sarees imparts a feeling of exclusivity, making them highly sought after. Once in possession, these sarees often become cherished heirlooms, passed down from one generation to the next, donned during weddings, religious ceremonies, and festive occasions.

For those eager to make these exquisite pieces their own, the ordering process is simple and personalized:

Direct Message (DM): Reach out to LABEL TAMARA for price, availability details, and any other queries.

Confirmation: Once satisfied, confirm your order by making the payment.

Share Details: Complete the process by sharing your full address details.

This customer-friendly approach ensures that acquiring these timeless pieces is a seamless and delightful experience.

Growth is all about making the product experience better and things easier for the customer

Unveiling its vibrant collection to the world on March 7, 2021, LABEL TAMARA aims to make its sarees a global sensation. Ashika’s goal is to unveil a stunning collection of sarees, each featuring distinct weaves and authenticity, to seamlessly earn a much sought-after space in the wardrobes of discerning saree enthusiasts worldwide.

Having shipped its curated sarees and won the hearts of over 700 customers, Ashika is grateful to the loyal, repeat customers, who have such a love affair with the creations.

LABEL TAMARA is now setting the stage for an epic future. Imagine a studio buzzing with creativity, where designers and craftsmen come together to create the most fabulous blouses and embroidery. Who’s the star of the show? Brides! Because LABEL TAMARA believes that a saree isn’t just about draping but crafting an experience. It’s the anticipation of the stories waiting to unfold, the traditions waiting to be revived, and the craftsmanship waiting to be celebrated.

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