RDS Design Studio : An incredible success tale of two girls who fulfilled their dream of creating a world-class interior design studio

RDS Design Studio
"Interiors shouldn't be static works of art. You're meant to interact with them." - Alexandra Angle Beautiful homes don't just happen. They require meticulous planning and execution. More than a fat bank balance, what matters most is the aesthetic...

Nostalgia Enterprises: Here’s An Exciting Startup That Promises To Make Your Interiors Look Like A Dream

Nostalgia Enterprises Founder
The concept of decorating interiors is not a new one. No, we haven't suddenly woken up to the importance of beautifying our homes and ensuring sanctity of the spaces that we live in. However, thanks to scores of interior decoration enterprises that...

Madras High Street: An Environmentally Sustainable Retail Brand That Puts Into Focus The Brilliance Of Indian Textiles And Unmatched Artistry Of Weavers

How many of us are aware of the rich textile heritage of India? Our love for Indian weaves is restricted to a few occasions when we flaunt handloom sarees and kurtas to validate our Indianness. There are only a handful of retail...

Traditions Tanjoresetc: How A Once-Minuscule Venture Rose From Its Humble Beginning And Made Waves In The World Of Classical Indian Art

At a time when we, as Indian citizens, are slowly drifting away from our culture and heritage, it is important to be reminded of the strength of our roots, the richness of our history and the uniqueness of our craftsmanship. Founded in...

Qshala : How Curiosity Fueled The Journey Of Two Lawyers And Led To The Creation Of A Unique Educational Startup

Qshala Founders
Launched in 2014, Walnut Knowledge Solutions is a pioneer in the field of education that offers a holistic approach to learning. Heading this venture are two former corporate lawyers and passionate quizzers, namely Sachin Ravi and Raghav Chakravarthy. Though...

Botany Bar: This Skin-Care Brand Is Determined To Defy All Odds And Emerge As A Prominent Player In The Market

Botany Bar
Due to growing demand and a rich client-base, skin-care based start-ups have mushroomed across multiple cities in India. However, not every such venture is a success. Launched on 24th January 2019 by founder Eklavya Rishi, Botany Bar is one of the few skincare brands...

How SplashLearn Is Gamifying Learning For Students

Children in India probably won't be frightened of much nowadays, however maths may send them into alarm. However, the numbers and complex formulae would not appear to be convoluted if the nuts and bolts are solid. At the point when understudies...

Fraazo: This Agritech Startup Is Delivering Hygienic And Farm Fresh Produce At Your Doorstep

For 41-year old Atul Kumar, sourcing fruits and vegetables was consistently a test. The Co-founder of Accel-upheld ed-tech startup EduPristine regularly asked why the grocery supply chain was constantly broken. After cautious though and pondering with his fellow co-founders, Vikas Dosala, Sumit Rai, and Aashish...

Colaba Causeway: An Inspiring Transformation Of A Passionate Shoe-Lover Into A Successful Businesswoman

Colaba Causeway, a unique footwear startup, has grown to become one of the most sought after brands in the business. Born into a family of entrepreneurs, Yusra Naik, the daring and dynamic founder of this company, always wanted to run her own business. Destiny...

BattleBugs: This Startup Is On A Mission To Make The World A Cleaner And Healthier Place

Ever heard your Mom say 'Cleanliness is next to Godliness'? BattleBugs have come to realize how true that is, especially in times of Corona!! Battling against bacteria, germs, viruses and all sorts of filth is a mammoth task, one that cannot be won single-handedly. ...