STYLE YOUR QUIRK with PAGAL AWWRAT’s Unique Fashion Wear Designed to Captivate & Inspire.

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, T-shirts continue to evolve as a powerful means of self-expression, offering a captivating glimpse into the wearer’s identity and beliefs. T-shirts have long been the canvas for conveying funny, quirky, cute, political, or satirical messages.

One fashion brand PAGAL AWWRAT has mastered the art of using T-shirts as a canvas to convey messages. Founder Manish recognized the power of design and messaging in creating this bold new fashion expression tailored exclusively for women. Since its inception in 23rd November 2020, PAGAL AWWRAT has carved a unique niche for itself, offering an exhilarating blend of trending theme-based fashion wear.

“More than just stylish garments, the tees have become a formidable statement of individuality, empowering every woman to embrace her true self without any constraints.” Said Manish.

With an MBA and a background in Sales & Marketing, fascinated by the concept of T-shirts as a means of conveying messages, Manish coupled it with a funky and idiosyncratic name – PAGAL AWWRAT, instantly captivating a wide audience.

There’s some cool pagalpanti at work here…

Step into the vibrant world of PAGAL AWWRAT, where there’s more than just a Tee – it’s a whole range of fashion wear designed to captivate and inspire. From Unisex tees to Crop tees, Oversized tees to All over prints, Back prints, Sweatshirts, Bomber Jackets, and Leggings, the collection offers something for everyone. But that’s not all; the brand also boasts Solid tees in a stunning array of vibrant colours, as well as a trendy hoodie and jogger co-ord sets that redefine style. There is also a “Tee Liners” Collection which can be customized.

Crafted with the finest fabrics, these pieces are not only comfortable but also built to last, with colours that remain vivid and unfaded through time. Every outfit carries a message that sparks curiosity and amusement. Expressions like “Kabhi Blessed, Kabhi Depressed,” “Sada Swag-An Raho,” “The Messy Mohtarma,” “Sassy Savitri,” and “Wonder Womaniya” are bound to raise eyebrows and earn quick nods of appreciation.

The classics never go out of style either, with all-time favorites like “If You Can Read This You Are Too Close” and “I Need Some Space” always in high demand. And for the pet lovers out there, the heartwarming message “Pawsitive Vibes Only” continues to be a roaring hit.

But the real buzz surrounds bold and empowering messages like “BeKhauf,” “Ye Naari Bohat Bhaari,” and the unapologetically fierce “Ye Abla Tera Tabla Baja Degi.” These statements are more than just words; they are rallying cries for empowerment and self-expression. Their USP are designs like “Log Kya Kahengay,” “Sassy Savitri”, “Sada Swag-an Raho”, “Layak Nahi Nalayak Hu Mien,” which truly bring out that edgy desiness in the collection and is widely loved by the audience.

With PAGAL AWWRAT, it’s not just about wearing a stylish T-shirt; it’s about making a statement, embracing your uniqueness, and spreading joy with every step.

A T-shirt brand that promises to become a movement…

PAGAL AWWRAT has in a span of a few years captured the imagination of its clients across all age groups. Its messages have found resonance with the mindset and aspirations of over 2000 plus customers (Pagal Awwrats) and every t-shirt sold is worn with grace and pride by the woman who has bought them. The amazing reviews that its customer’s share is proof enough of the brands growing and enduring popularity.

“Post pandemic we see a lot of people working from home so tees are the best option to be stylish, quirky and comfortable throughout the day.” Shared Manish.

Over a period of time, PAGAL AWWRAT aims to make an impression with its concepts on the global fashion scene. This motivation is an earnest endeavour to empower women everywhere. As the brand evolves, it aspires to be more than just another label; it has ambitions to become a movement that celebrates diversity and individuality. Its smart, cool messaging combined with quirky prints intends to become the language through which women express themselves fearlessly, reclaiming their identities and celebrating their uniqueness.

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