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raw pressery
raw pressery fresh cold pressed juices

In India Juices sold at supermarkets or retail stores contain preservatives in them, to increase their shelf life and keep them safe for consumption. A generally new player, Raw Pressery, broke out in to the market by promoting their juices as additive free all natural, to take on built up advertise brands like Tropicana and Real Fruit Power.

The Raw Pressery Journey

The story of a startup which, under the leadership of Anuj Rakyan, was able to capture the market with its solid and unique items. RAW Pressery when he understood there were no preservative-free juices accessible in the market. Anuj Rakyan began testing in his kitchen with various juices and fixings to think about a thing. In the wake of contributing INR 80 lakhs from his own pocket and getting money from companions and family, was ready to pool INR 1.5 crores to begin Raw Pressery.          

Once Anuj Rakyan effectively created juices, he started to convey the juices himself to his initial customers. This must be done before any microorganisms framed in the juices, hence time was significant. As his nutritional juices began seeing more demand in the markets, Anuj Rakyan utilized the acclaimed Mumbai dabbawalas to convey this to his customers in Mumbai. The juices saw their interest flooding and after a short time, RAW Pressery added Pune to its market base.

A cold press was later added to build the creation of juice and furthermore to expand the time span of usability of items to 21 days. A cold press is an innovation that maintains a strategic distance from oxidation and preserves the  nutritional benefit of organic products, fruits. Godrej Nature’s Basket and Foodhall turned out to be retail accomplices to sell the juices on racks over their retail stores. Anuj Rakyan got his huge break when speculation firm Sequoia Capital chose to invest in Raw Pressery.

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