Slate Palate: This start-up has created a niche for itself as an outstanding design solution provider offering unique, user-friendly designs across various platforms

slate palate
In the digital age, the realm of creativity and artistry has expanded to include web designers and graphic designers who use their sense of imagination to create alluring designs for websites, android apps and various other platforms. Contrary to popular belief, designing...

Hungry Bums: The brainchild of a homemaker-turned-entrepreneur, who aspires to help mothers choose a healthy lifestyle for their kids through its nutritious and organic venture

Hungry Bums:
"When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice - once for herself and once for her child." ~ Sophia Loren When it...

Let’s Roll: This 18 year old entrepreneur is serving the most delicious sushi and desserts from her home kitchen

Let's Roll
Amishi Jain is an 18 year old entrepreneur who started a Sushi Delivery Business in Pune, named Let’s Roll. She is currently an undergraduate student at Babson College in Boston and is majoring in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. Amishi identified the lack of...

Ok Boss: Your Personal Assistant and Errand Runner

Ok Boss
Everyone needs a ‘little help', to finish up things.  Time and resourcing for day-to-day errands is a regular challenge for any individual irrespective of age, profession or other demographics.  A common issue both individuals and small businesses face is resourcing reliable personnel...

TWILLO: Taking creativity to a meditative space

The times we live in today are governed by a very strange maxim - try to do as many things in as little time as possible. This has resulted in a lifestyle filled with moments where we are under pressure or undue...

Batti & Co : When the lockdown created a magic mix of local ingredients to craft world-class bathing luxury!

Batti & Co
In today’s times, bathing and the rituals associated with it have assumed a much larger meaning than simply being an act of personal hygiene. It has been transformed into a very personal moment and the elements associated with it like the bathing...

Mounthills Advisory: Where confidentiality meets perseverance

mounthills advisory founder
With an inclination to nurture long term relationships, Rahul Agarwal set off in April 2018 and launched Mounthills Advisory with a goal to educate the investors about the various investment avenues and their allocation of wealth as per their willingness of risks....

Beyondarie: Offering the wildest teas in the world procured from the deep, wild mountainous forests of North-East India

"No matter where you are in the world, you are at home when tea is served" ~ Earlene Grey It's hard to imagine life without soaking in the aroma of fresh tea leaves while sipping a wholesome and hearty...

Cashew (Cash-Electronic-Wallet) : This first-of-its-kind wallet is the future of fashion accessories industry, with its unique utility and safety features

Technology is everywhere and in everything. It has become an integral aspect of our everyday lives saving us time and effort in accomplishing our regular tasks. When technology has touched upon banking, insurance and finance in a big way, how can our...

Cherry on a Take: Satisfy your sweet tooth guilt free with these healthy desserts

Cherry on a Take
"Desserts are the fairy tales of the kitchen - a happily-ever-after to supper" ~ Terri Guillemets After every available dish has been devoured, it's the desserts that leave a sweet lingering taste in your mouth, making your meal complete....


SHILPKOSH – A start up passionately built by a single mom,...

The handicraft industry has proven to be the backbone of India's rural economy for decades. It provides skillful employment to a vast segment of...