FASHIONADDA BY RINUJAIN – A start up specially dealing in night suits and western attires directly from manufacturers to your closet.

Customers’ fashion preferences have shifted significantly, and they now demand clothing that is a good mix of current trends while also being comfortable and affordable. As a result, retailers and designers have had to adjust their business structures to meet the demand. (FASHIONADDA)

In the Indian apparel sector, demographic and psychographic changes are creating noteworthy shifts in fit, desire, and product originality. This was previously profoundly embedded in Indian culture’s vastness and diversity.


In contrast to ready-made brands, custom clothing provides purchasers with the gratification of knowing that they own clothes that are unique to their style and personality.

Fusion clothing has completely transformed the Indian fashion business. Women nowadays seek to mix current designs with old appeal, and Indo-western attire is quickly catching up.

The category largely represents a mix of ethnic and western designs in order to provide an innovative response to Indian women’s shifting fashion tastes.



This is the story of a Karnataka-based entrepreneur named Kajal Jain. Kajal has always been fascinated about fashion and decided to start her own business reselling nightwear and western wear.

Kajal mostly purchases straight from manufacturers and resells to clients. Fashionadda specialises in ethnic and western apparel, footwear, handbags, and much more, especially for women.

Kajal didn’t want to sit ideal and wanted to establish her own business. As a result, she created an Instagram page for Fashionadda’s garments and items, and she began receiving orders quickly.


Fashionadda is a completely self-funded online business. It’s essentially a resale business where ladies can buy economical, high-quality apparel directly from the producers and have it delivered to their doorstep.

When asked about her future business ambitions, Kajal stated that she wants to make it a major brand and that she wants the company to expand. Fashionadda has served 100-150 orders so far, with a modest and steady exponential increase month on month.

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