Soulfullymade Crafts- Dr. Shruthi’s Macrame Startup is supporting a social cause and making a difference (entrepreneur plans)

“Art is not a handicraft; it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced.” – Leo Tolstoy entrepreneur plans

Modern Macrame: How an Ancient Fiber Art Has Resurfaced as a Beautiful Craft

Soulfullymade Crafts

Knotting or macrame is one of many crafts being revived by those who love working with their hands. Just like surface embroidery, quilting, and needlework are seeing a bump in popularity, macrame is being transformed from a 1970s relic into a hot, trendy art form.

A versatile form of fiber art, macrame can be used to make everything from wall hangings and plant hangers to jewelry, purses, and even clothing items. The macrame wall hanging can bring texture to a bare wall and more warmth to a contemporary room. Ranging from purely decorative designs to the ones that can hold planters, macrame wall hanging designs are endless.

Introducing the Fancy Fringe of Boho chic designs made Soulfully and Whole-Heartedly

Soulfullymade Crafts

For Shruthi Rao, an MDS doctor who hails from Mangalore, Karnataka, art and craft are not merely secondary hobbies but her dream and passion. Her brand Soulfullymade_crafts, launched in January 2020 is not just a small homegrown arts business but a way to support a very noble cause of rescuing abandoned and troubled animals who are devoid of their shelter. Having a strong flair for designing artistic crafts, Shruthi creates a wide range of handmade products like home decors, personalized gifting ranges, and accessories using macrame and wood art. Her handmade cards, postcards, and canvas

embroidery display the elegance and finesse of her work. Her color selections, unique and customized designs to create marvelous and eclectic boho designs are just perfect to lift and add definition to the home space. The macrame-designed coasters, wall hanging, plant holders, fringe earrings & choker necklaces, keyholders, car charms, and all rainbow product ranges are much sought after & appreciated by her customers.

Soulfullymade Crafts

Talking about the nomenclature of her brand, Shruthi told The Business Press: “I always had a passion for arts and crafts. Art is a medicine to me and a therapy to my soul. Hence the name Soulfullymade_Crafts. I wanted to create products that were not only handmade and artistic but also cared about the existence of the Earth, its species, and our fellow animal friends. Hence, I wanted to create sustainable art forms that were made from natural materials, were eco-friendly, biodegradable, and plastic-free.

The Business Ideation & Growth Trajectory

Soulfullymade Crafts

The macrame & wood artwork initially started as a hobby wherein she created designs for friends and acquaintances. However, to contribute funds to support the animal cause, she gradually took up this sustainable art business by launching Soulfullymade_Crafts with a modest investment of 8.5k. Her business really picked up with the insta-worthy reels that captured her aesthetic creations and so far they have happily served more than 350 orders.

The Young Entrepreneur’s Plans Ahead (entrepreneur plans)

Soulfullymade Crafts

Shruthi wants to create awareness amongst small art businesses that there is immense scope for a business even by being natural, environmental and animal friendly. In the long run, she aims to grow her brand further and open a vegan café and a shelter that also sells Handmade arts from different small business artist including hers where customers can spend quality time with animals and the business can contribute to the cause of stray, farm and other animals in need. entrepreneur plans

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