HOME IN THE CITY – Because studying at a place away from home, should not mean missing the comfort of a home

When someone leaves home to study at a place that is far away, there is always a sense of eager anticipation tinged with doubt and anxiety about how things are going to turn out. In this scenario, what plays mostly on the mind of a young learner is, how will the stay turn out to be?

For boys who opt to study in a distant state, the questions of course will always center around COMFORT, FOOD, ACCESSIBILITY and SAFETY. The parents too sending their wards to study will always want these boxes ticked off before approving a stay.

For those coming to Dehradun, a city fast emerging as a quality learning hub for both Indian nationals and foreign students, there is – HOME –IN –THE-CITY – a well-managed student stay right in the city of Dehradun.


“Looking at the gender composition of the students coming to study in Dehradun, we created an accommodation product that caters to both the STAYING and STUDYING comfort of the male learners. Starting from the location and right up to the living amenities food, safety everything is built to a deliver hassle free staying experience. On similar lines we also have also created a separate comfortable and safe accommodation for women learners too!” Dinesh Rao – Founder of Home in the City told The Business Press.

A space created for the boys of today and the gentlemen of tomorrow


Boys need a different type of space to feel comfortable especially when they are staying and studying away from home. Home in the City has created a space that has been thoughtfully created to cater to the needs of the male student in terms of living space in square foot, privacy, food, personal care amenities, entertainment facilities and more.

This well-planned space intends to instill a sense of discipline, independence and responsibility in the young boys, who will emerge as professionals tomorrow – gentlemen ready for the world! 

The facility catering to multiple segments has options of private and shared rooms.  The highlights of the STUDENT HOSTEL for Boys are –


• Fully furnished, brightly lit rooms with study table, comfortable bedding and linen

• Individual reading lamp and adequate storage space

• Regular housekeeping and linen change

• Laundry for street clothes

• Curated, healthy veg and non veg meals prepared by a trained chefs in hygienic SS kitchen

• Hospitality Counter and an All-day Café

• Community spaces- lounge with large LED screen, dining spaces and an open lawn

• Wi-Fi on high-speed internet

• CCTV to ensure 24 / 7 vigilance and strict security procedures

• High hygiene standards and COVID-19 protocols             

HOME IN THE CITY – An exciting living space that is set to keep pace with the growing need of quality education


The entire concept behind HOME IN THE CITY is to facilitate the stay so as make studying more comfortable and convenient. Online presence, search – booking and secure payment options are available while application to manage operations is being rolled out.

Real time communication and interaction between stakeholders, students and their guardians are some features of the application for convenience and peace of mind on all fronts.

Website link – https://www.homeinthecity.com/

Instagram link – https://www.instagram.com/home_in_the_city/

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