Spruce up your home sweet home with the Moody Painter’s irresistible resin art!

“Art must be an expression of love or it is nothing.” ~ Marc Chagall (resin art)

Imagine how dull and depressing our lives would be without the soul stirring pieces of art created with utmost love and passion by talented artists! Art is the truest reflection of the infinite creative potential of a human mind. And blessed are those capable of tapping into that potential and coming up with something extraordinary.

Moody Painter

Here’s introducing one such gifted artist who’s creating magic with her stunning work in resin art. Mumbai-based resin artist cum entrepreneur Jalpa Senta is painting the town red with her dream venture “Moody Painter” that manifests her amazing talent and boundless imagination. Launched two years ago, this startup is currently catering to various interior projects and home décor.

Why “Moody Painter”?

Moody Painter

“Moody painter” encapsulates the essence of this brand and its founder. Jalpa’s foray into creativity began while exploring the world of paintings. Her art mirrors her different thoughts, feelings and moods thereby rendering them unique and individualistic. The artistic aura flows into those creations rather seamlessly and magically. Hence “moody painter” is an apt name for this little venture with an infectious vibe.

Journey of an artist

Moody Painter

Sometimes, the journey begins much before you begin to plan the destination. That’s Jalpa’s story in short. As a child, she was immensely fond of art and crafts and consistently secured full marks in her school art exams. The drawing sheet was her playground and the colorful crayons, her playmates. As she now confesses, “spending time exploring the beautiful world of colors” was her idea of fun and happiness and that explains why she often completed her friend’s art homework without a fuss.

Quite expectedly, Jalpa was keen to pursue art as a career. However, owing to a shortage of such institutes in her vicinity, the dream had to be shelved. She went on to complete her B.Com and then enrolled into INFD to study fashion designing.The endless hours of brainstorming and designing revived her artistic spirit and in no time, she passed with flying colors in the illustration subject. Soon, she started painting during leisure and after a while, those art pieces generated quite a buzz. As with most artists, random words of appreciation from people boosted her confidence and inspired her to turn that part time hobby into a lifetime passion.

Thus, with a modest sum of 30000, the 27-year-old self-taught artist established her own brand, determined to accentuate the timeless appeal of an art that Jalpa has mastered in recent years, resin art.

Add a dash of Moody Magic to your space

Moody Painter

At Moody Painter, you’ll find an assortment of resin art products including gorgeous, semi-transparent coasters and trays that’ll undoubtedly enhance the aesthetics of your abode. These products can be customized too. Besides the incredible resin wall artworks, the stunning acrylic paintings are a sight to behold.

The home decors and wall panels infuse art and creativity into your interiors, inspiring you and your loved ones to embrace the beauty of art in everyday life. When asked about her forte, Jalpa says “I am more into Geode wall arts. In fact, many of my artist friends compliment my color mixing technique which they believe is close to perfection.” The talented artist conducts both online and offline workshops (in Mumbai). Orders can be placed from anywhere across India through email and WhatsApp while ensuring full advance payment is done during order placement. They cater to bulk orders, corporate events, workshops and Gifting as well.

Future calling…

Moody Painter

With more than 200 orders to its credit, Moody Painter is growing bigger and better with each new assignment. Jalpa envisions a future where she would be able to have a bigger working space and make tables and other wonderful products using the enduring charm of resin art.

Instagram link – https://www.instagram.com/moodypainter_/

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