Hazel Resin- Pouring Colours To Create Marvels Of Fluid Artforms (resin art business)

“Art is the expression of the profoundest thoughts in the simplest way.”- Albert Einstein resin art business

The Growing Trend of Resin Art Business

Hazel Resin

Swirly, fluid, and beautiful, resin art makes for an enchanting focal point. No wonder it’s an emerging trend in interior design. Resin is a viscous liquid made from plants or synthetics and used as a base for plastics, adhesives, and varnishes. Today, it’s also used in resin painting, sculptures, jewellery, and flooring.

Resin art stores have found unique chemistry with Instagram users. A host of artists have taken to creating a variety of things like jewellery, bookmarks, clocks, photo frames, etc using epoxy resins and met with success. Visual appeal and the ability to customize products have played a major role in the growth of resin pages.

Given the rapid rise in the number of resin art stores, simple aesthetics is not enough of a differentiator to boost sales of a page. The ability to launch unique pieces also plays a part in gaining an edge. Amongst this growing trend of Resin Artists, a notable brand that has evolved very well barely within 6 months since its launch is a brand by the name of Hazel Resin.

Introducing A Startup That has Been Capturing Mind-spaces

Hazel Resin

Founded in November 2021, Hazel Resin is the brainchild of a young entrepreneur Ishika Garg who hails from Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh. At a promising age of 23 years, she launched her business that caters to all resin art creations such as home decors, tableware collections, wall clocks, all sorts of decorative & aromatic soy candles, personalized photo frames, and keychains.

The uniqueness of their products is the customization they offer to their clients. Besides, none of their products is machine-made, rather molded according to the color and design preferences of the customers.

Getting Gravitated To The Resin Artforms

Hazel Resin

Sometimes, the business ideation comes through the inspirational success stories of others and this is what exactly acted as a stimulus for Ishika. While scrolling through Instagram, she realized how flourishing & interesting the resin art business is and she started it randomly. However, with time, as she received queries and positive customer responses, she officially brought her brand “Hazel Resin” to the forefront and started taking orders on the Brands’ Instagram page.

The Business Growth & Long-Term Objectives

In a short period, Hazel Resin has proudly served more than 20 orders and received positive feedback. The brand is growing taking up huge corporate orders and creating a cohort of happy customers. They have a vast collection of customized resin products and aim to increase their product line & collection so that everyone can rely upon the brand as a one-stop destination for curated resin creations both in the B2B and B2C segments.

Five years down the line, the brand aims to be digitally robust with its website in place and sales happening on multiple ecommerce platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, Facebook, etc.

Instagram link – https://www.instagram.com/hazel_resin/

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