Forqube – Let this enterprise tell your brand’s narrative to the world, with their customized packaging solutions.

Packaging is so much more than just protecting a product. It’s an essential marketing tool, which supports branding, emphasizes the product’s best features and creates an unforgettable experience for the customer. It’s a gateway that can elevate your product – and company – to the next level. customized packaging solutions

The founders’ story


Leena Ali, a multi-developer who formerly worked as a senior consultant at Kochi, launched Forqube in May 2021. She left her job to devote herself solely to Forqube. Leena had another part-time business selling henna and mehendi cones before starting Forqube. Leena realized that there was a gap in the market. Customized packaging at affordable pricing was almost impossible to find. She was astounded by the exorbitant prices of customised boxes offered by manufacturers in Delhi and Mumbai.


This was not at all affordable for most small business owners. Since hundreds of small businesses are launched on a daily basis, there was a big demand for affordable packaging. To fill this market gap, she decided to start her own packaging solutions company to assist small businesses in need of bespoke boxes in small quantities.

Thinking out the box with Forqube


Forqube is a packaging solutions business that offers customized hand-curated boxes designed according to the customer’s requirement. Forqube is here to tell your brand’s story to the world with their customized boxes. Their exclusive collection of items includes customized corrugated boxes, rigid boxes, hamper boxes, round boxes, gift boxes, shirt boxes, sticker collection, exotic flora collection boxes, business cards, thank you cards, customized polymailer bags and much more.

Packaging For A Good Cause


Leena is a driven entrepreneur whose aim is to make branding accessible to everyone, particularly small business owners, at a reasonable cost.

Leena’s goal in the near future is to grow in sales and also increase her team size. What began with an investment of just Rs.5,000, is now generating a monthly revenue of almost Rs. 50,000. The brand has fulfilled over 1000 orders to date.

The Future Looks Bright For Forqube


Leena intends to expand the product line as Forqube grows in popularity. In the near years, targeting big business owners and designing products through machines are some of the big plans. 

Forqube is here to make a mark for itself in economical packaging market and help brands grow through customized packaging options.

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