dEeArtify Studio – Presenting ‘one of a kind’ art studio with some exceptional customized art designs and products driven by passion, purpose & a dream.

There is more to ‘Art’ that enlightens a spark in an individual that illustrates unsaid words and feelings which the dEeArtify Studio brings to their customers through their art. This art requires not only the skill to understand people and what they want but also a manner that reflects ethnic and aesthetic beauty. art designs

Let us bring to you all an incredible journey of a techie-turned entrepreneur full of self-motivation and inspiration. Presenting you, Deepa Gowda, a contemporary abstract modern resin designer and entrepreneur from Bangalore who is the founder of dEeArtify Studios, a startup focused on Resin Décor, Abstract Painting and Statement Jewellery. Deepa specializes in Resin Geode art, acrylic on canvas and abstract concepts. She also specializes in Expoy Resin Furniture in wood and concrete.

The startup came thriving in 2020 with a motto of not just making Resin Décor, Abstract paintings, Modern jewelry but is extensively focused on creating an aesthetic and luxurious brand and creating unique exquisites for unique clients. Jewellery are purely exclusive with their own handmade customised designs.

These products are not just products but epitome of passion, hard work and dedication.  dEeArtify Studio believes in creating its own unique dignified identity in the market with quality products and designs. This startup has always envisioned giving clients the products that are ”one of a kind”.


Deepa did not have a simple life before entering into the entrepreneurship world. Her life was chaos before the pandemic began but with the blessings of her beloved grandmother and the support from her uncle & family, she had this opportunity to start a new venture in 2020 with a home-grown investment and do what she was always capable of.

She creates resin home décor and is a contemporary abstract modern resin designer artist. Deepa also was published on the cover page of Sylph creatives magazine, which stands out as one of her achievements. She designs resin tables, epoxy resin geode tables, quartz crystal geode wall art and all authentic customized products.

dEeArtify Studio- A story ‘one of its kind’

In this entrepreneurial journey, this startup has always strived to be known for authenticity and uniqueness. As a designer, artist and a brand owner in Luxury Artisan Resin Home Décor & Modern Jewelry Accents, Deepa and The dEeArtify Studio have always tried to come up with new product combinations which ultimately prove to be a value for money. They do customize commissioned artworks and come up with incredible ethnic ideas on the table. On a fast phase Deepa is also working closing with Interior designers for customised orders too for Home decor.

dEeArtify Studio

Further, Deepa explains ”Client satisfaction has always been my top priority and I am grateful that I am able to make my clients happy in my studio”.

Below is the list of some of the most aesthetic home décor and abstract resin products which have always stood out in the market.

Resin Home & Living Décor Accents:

dEeArtify Studio

1)    Resin & Concrete Furniture like Dining table, End Table, Jula’s, Coffee table, Console Table, BathTub Caddy, Study Table, Doors, etc.

2)    Resin Artwork, Resin & Acrylic Abstract, Contemporary wall art, Resin Geode Wall art.

3)    Resin Artwork on Mirror, Extravagant Resin Mirror Artwork

4)    Resin vase & Abstract Paint on Vase

5)    Resin Clock – Wall clocks/ Table clocks( Resin quartz crystals made on teak wood)

6)    Concrete Clock, Resin Tray( Made with resin and abalone shells)

7)    Name plates( Made with resin and real crystal stones)

8)    Trays/ Charcuterie Boards

9)    Resin Lamps – Persevered Botanical/Bouquets, Table Lamps/Floor Lamps

10) Personalized Gift Hampers like Coasters, Bookmarks, Wine Glass, Wine holders and much more.

dEeArtify Studio

Looks interesting, right? All of their products are available on their website and they deliver PAN India & across the world. They have served and satisfied over 250+ clients in such a short span which definitely speaks for their contemporary and unique abstract art designs. Soon, expanding her products will be available in other e-commerce platforms like Ajio / luxury homedecor websites.

Deepa has been featured on SYLPH Magazine’s cover page and article, BTV News Kannada Media Channel, LBB E-Commerce Website.

When asked about the future goals of the startup, Deepa replied ” I want to make this brand big so that we can take it to every home.  Jumping on the bandwagon, I also want to be seen in Shark Tank as it will be a great opportunity for me to take my brand to a next level”.

Adding to her brand motto, Deepa wants artists or customers to like her designs and recreate them. She wants to be one brand label where people copy her designs,  like any other luxury brands.

The dEeArtify Studio has seen exponential growth over the years and it has made people love the art.

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