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In today’s times when dependence on information technology is at its peak, the significance of information security cannot really be overemphasized. Organizations need to find ways to secure their priority information from unauthorized access, data breaches and other malicious activities that can lead to loss of business as well as reputation in the market.

For companies which are committed to minimizing the risks of internal and external attacks on information security systems, it makes sense to seek guidance from experts instead of handling everything on their own. That’s where The Next Consultants chips in.

The Next Consultants

Launched in 2019 by Divesh, The Next Consultants provides professional security training and assistance to college students, security professionals and organizations throughout the globe. It aims to spread awareness about IT security within an organization, help identify the security vulnerabilities and suggest what actions to be taken in case of incidents in and outside the organization. The startup intends to create market leaders out of regular businesses by taking care of a vital aspect of a company’s progress: information.

How it started from scratch

Before Divesh’s entrepreneurial journey took off, he was working in the IT industry where he got plenty of opportunities to interact with clients and provide them services related to security and consulting. He observed how most people struggle to grasp the basic concepts of  information security which makes it difficult to explain the potential risks and challenges and also the solutions being offered. Divesh adds ” That’s why I decided to offer skill development as part of security training so that the working professionals get a fair idea about how information security works. We’re also preparing these impressionable youngsters for interviews.”

Thus, at the age of 27, Divesh launched his own brand to make a difference in the realm of information security without compromising on quality and affordability. Why call it The Next Consultants though? Divesh explains “We’re offering the best service in the market with respect to consulting. Unlike other big brands that simply offer manpower, we go an extra mile to assess the actual scope and activity required. Hence, it’s aptly named The Next Consultants.”

Making security accessible and affordable

The Next Consultants is well-equipped to deal with a variety of security threats and loopholes in the field of networks, databases, operating systems and other components security. The company employs its technical expertise to take charge of any security risk encountered by a business of any scale and stature. You can be assured of high ROI by outsourcing your IT management to The Next Consultants. That’s because you’re now free to focus on your business with an assurance that your systems are well-protected.

Moreover, the Delhi-based startup provides different types of compliance certifications to train individuals to deal with risks posed by information systems. Its services include ISO 27001, PCI DSS, GDPR, ISO 14001 and so on.

The Next Consultants

Divesh further adds “Many renowned institutes train for 7 days, charge around 30k-40k and yet they fail to convey the basic essence of information security and why it’s needed. We, on the other hand, offer one-on-one training at minimal prices while ensuring every student of ours gets placed. The courses last for 4 weeks, covering basic and advanced levels, providing hands-on experience on the subject.” The focus is on building awareness about information security and how it works in real-life scenarios.

What’s next for The Next Consultants?

The Next Consultants aspires to provide an experience that’s tailor-made for your company’s security needs. No matter what’s your budget, the startup diligently works towards providing a professional customer experience.

When asked about his future endeavors, Divesh confirms “Since we’re teaching globally with students coming in from Dubai, Singapore etc, we’re planning to expand our scope of training by adding other courses in the domain of consultancy, thus bringing in more global leaders in the market.”

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